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Want to get a game? Well, just let us know and we will be very glad to help!!!


Hello PC Gamerz!!! In this page you can request the games you want to download.
We will be very happy to help you get the game download you want…
Happy Gaming!!!

(Please leave a message below. If you have any questions or queries you can use our contact page)

Note: Please make sure your request are only PC (windows) Games not for other platforms. Thank you…

5,308 thoughts on “RequestGame”

  1. could you put these game name on the web
    -medieval kingdom wars
    -veil of crows
    -spellforce 3
    -age of empire difinitive edition
    -middle earth shadow of war
    -tiger knight empire war
    -mount and blade 2 bannerlords

    1. Here’s the results for your request please check….

      -medieval kingdom wars – posted
      -veil of crows – posted
      -spellforce 3 – tested not working
      -age of empire difinitive edition – Not available
      -ancestors – not avaialble
      -middle earth shadow of war – Not available
      -tiger knight empire war – not available
      -mount and blade 2 bannerlords – Not available

    1. We tried searching but the game is not available… but don’t worry once we found a good download link we will post it here…

  2. could you find these game for me
    -War of the Roses
    -Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    -tom clancy’s splinter cell:blacklist
    -sniper elite 4
    -metal gear solid V:the phantom pain
    -mark of the ninja
    -assassins creed series
    -dishonored 2

    1. The Results:

      -War of the Roses – Not working
      -Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – already have it = http://freepcgamesden.com/chivalry-medieval-warfare-full-free-download/
      -tom clancy’s splinter cell:blacklist – already have it = http://freepcgamesden.com/tom-clancys-splinter-cell-blacklist-free-game-download/
      -sniper elite 4 – Posted
      -metal gear solid V:the phantom pain – already have it = http://freepcgamesden.com/metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-full-game-free-download/
      -mark of the ninja – already have it = http://freepcgamesden.com/mark-of-the-ninja-free-full-game-download/
      -assassins creed series = This is what we have = http://freepcgamesden.com/?s=assassins+creed
      -dishonored 2 – not sure if virus is false alarm

  3. May I request
    The Legend of Heroes
    Trails of Cold Steel 1
    Trails of Cold Steel 2
    Trails of Cold Steel 3
    Trails in the Sky SC
    Trails in the Sky the 3rd

    1. We like to inform you that we will be posting the games within this day but sad to say that Fable 2 is not available for PC it is only available for consoles.

  4. Hi i download clive barker jericho but wheres the crack? I try to run it without crack but the language in rusian and the game crash after opening movie, please fix it and make the language english,thanks

  5. Can you upload the game “Forts” please ? And try to do it with all languages, because i’m french and when I’ve downloaded Civilization 5 complete, it was russian. And thank you for all the games, you do a good job.

    1. You are always welcome…

      Anyway, we have searched and tested some of the FORTs game but didn’t find any working download link… but do not worry once we found a working download we will surely post it…

      About the games in other languages we can only assure english version of the game as we can only post what is available in the net…

  6. I am unsure if there is one of it yet but could you add “Sonic Forces” when it is available. Also thanks in advance for all that you do.

  7. I have downloaded the FIFA 08 Reloaded file but it requires password which is available only after filling up a form which is not available at the given link..so please help me up with password

  8. Is Star Trek Legacy available?!.., looking to play this Game for quit some time..

    P.s: Hope this game has some seeds available to download.. :D

  9. Hi! I guess I’m in the request-a-game section? Now, the game i’m going to request is not much, not even 3d, not to worry a lot because it’s some sort arcade. It’s called Alice Greenfingers, heard about that? Please help me download the game, its the request my loving girlfriend. thanks in advance :)

  10. Hallo i Would like du request the game They Are Billions. If you can find it :) I hope you had a good start of the new year. :)

  11. sonic riders (2006) I’m sure it’s available for pc platform
    and if you can find sonic riders zero gravity (2008) but I heard its only available in ps2

  12. Hi.. I hope you add soon a link to Subnautica game, Full version/Final version,.. some of us eagerly wait to that final complete version.. :O)

    P.s.: Tks in advance..

  13. Fantastic.. :O) .. Already downloading Subnautica Final/Complete Version..

    Tks.. Again.. *****

    P.s.: Hope we can continue with last Save game from the Experimental Versions.. :)

  14. Hay admin
    How are you……. :-)
    Upload game
    1.Cast away 3
    2.Prince pf persia 2008
    3.house of dead 2&3
    4.shadow of the beast
    7.God of war 3 only
    9.amazing spiderman

    1. Always fine thanks…

      Here’s the results we have for your requests:

      1.Cast away 3 – not available
      2.Prince pf persia 2008 – posted
      3.house of dead 2&3 – already have house of the dead complete http://freepcgamesden.com/the-house-of-the-dead-complete-free-game-download/
      4.shadow of the beast – not available for windows
      5.Nioh – posted
      6.Infamous – not available for windows
      7.God of war 3 only – not available for windows
      8.doom 4 – already posted http://freepcgamesden.com/doom-2016-game-free-full-download/
      9.amazing spiderman – cant find working download link
      10.moee – no game

      We did our best to find all of it and sorry if the other games were not found…

  15. Its okay
    And am very happy for all
    This website is so cool
    I love this website thanksss ( Mr.Admin)
    And can you help me in some works plzzzzzz
    Can you tell which programs are necessary to run games for Play Help?

  16. Admin is page such a great page, no virus, the game works perfectly i love this web <3
    but can u add beamng and the guild 3? I really wanna play those game.

    1. Tried searching for the game but there are still no available download links for the game sorry…

  17. apologize if i asked for many requests in short amount of time and if these games have been requested recently before but is call of duty REMASTERED and call of duty WW2 available?

    1. It is alright… we are thankful for trusting us…

      Anyway, we have posted the games you requested please check…

  18. ‘Surviving Mars’ is a great game coming up.., hope you can get a link to upload it here..


    P.s.: Not sure if it’s on Full-release yet..!, if not, soon will be.. :) & also Subnautica Expansion..! ‘Arctic Biome’.. (Probably not yet released thow..!)

    1. We tried searching for the games you have requested but didn’t find any well seeded download links sorry…

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