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Hello PC Gamerz!!! In this page you can request the games you want to download.
We will be very happy to help you get the game download you want…
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(Please leave a message below. If you have any questions or queries you can use our contact page)

Note: Please make sure your request are only PC (windows) Games not for other platforms. Thank you…


    • sorry rael, we searched but there are no available download link… but do not worry if it becomes available we will post it here…

  1. Hey man, I’ve been playing hitman series and I’m wondering if you can find a download for “Hitman”? the 2016 one.

    Good day

    • Hi will,

      The game you requested is not yet Crac/ked… But dont worry we will post the game once becomes available…

    • Hello The Broken One,

      We have search for your request but didn’t find any download link sorry… Don’t worry once the game becomes available we will post it…

  2. I know that it just came out today and all but can you guys watch out for Senran Kagura estival versus? keep up the good work :)

    • Hello Steve,
      We searched for your request but didn’t find any working game yet… But dont worry, we will post the game once we found the one that works…

    • Hello Tidestaff,

      We tried searching for well seeded download links for those game but those are the only links we can find…

    • Hello Efina,

      We tried searching for the game you have requested but didnt find any working download link sorry…

  3. Hi, can you please upload Hotel Giant 2, and High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever?

    Thank you for the great work. :)

    • Hi Brooke, we have posted Hotel Giant 2 but didn’t find High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever. Note: that the hotel giant 2 we found is an old download link coz there are no new download link for the game…

  4. :) please post these game
    -Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
    -Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator
    -Endless Space 2
    -Eve Valkyrie
    -Distant Worlds: Universe
    -dishonored 2
    that all :)

  5. Hi there

    This site gets more and more amazing! Great work guys…

    Would there be any chance for the latest Hitman game? I think it’s referred to as Hitman 2016

    Please and many thanks too

  6. Hi Guys! I was wondering if it was possible if you can upload Unturned on here. Many sites have Unturned, either with gold edition or some older variant/versions of it. I wanted to see if you can change that (if possible). I was hoping to play the game without having to download Steam and ruin my machine. Basically, I played it fair and downloaded the game from them and their software that had essentially both corrupted and nearly ruined my laptop computer. After that incident of having to repair my machine and having to try and somehow restore and fix my external hard drive. I decided NOT to trust Steam ever again for that ordeal. So, I come to you asking if you can make Unturned available to its most current updates and form. I thank you for taking your time on reviewing my comment and hope to see some results for not just me, but anyone else that might face this dilemma as well and can just play the game for fun. Again, thanks for taking your time. Cheers to you!

  7. Could you try to find an upload a game called “The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky”
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Hi guys! I wasn’t certain if you read my previous request. I was hoping that there would be a cracked ‘current’ version of Unturned on here one day. I hope you can crack and manage to find and maybe even keep it up to tabs from time to time. Anywho, thanks for taking your time reading this again.

      • Thank you guys. It may be free to play. But, in technicality it isn’t absolutely free. In order to play the game one must be part of Steam. Steam is very demanding on hard drive space and it can go pretty rampant if left unchecked. Anywho, I thank you guys for taking this simple request. It’s a fun game. Everyone should enjoy it, besides myself. Again, thanks guys! :)

        • We understand and you are always welcome… but do not worry we will surely post this game once it becomes available on our source…

  9. well I just learned that nekopara vol 3 came out recently and I would like if you tried to find it also what’s the progress on senran kagura estival versus I asked about it a few months ago.

  10. i want you to post these game
    -Ancient Cities
    -Cities Skylines Mass Transit
    -Aven Colony
    -Surviving Mars

    • Most of the game you requested are still not released so we need more time for it. and once becomes available we will post it…

      -Saelig – not yet available
      -Sugarmill – not yet available
      -Depraved – not yet available
      -Ostriv – not yet available
      -Ancient Cities – not yet available
      -Block’Hood – available
      -Cities Skylines Mass Transit – available
      -Aven Colony – not yet available
      -Surviving Mars – not yet available

      We will be posting the games that are available within this day please wait…

    • Here’s the results of our search

      1. Blood – published
      2. Descent – couldn’t find working download link
      3. Descent 2 – couldn’t find working download link
      3. Hexen – couldn’t find working download link
      4. Heretic – couldn’t find working download link

  11. Hi guys
    I was wondering if you could get the gog versions of Fallout 3 GOTY & New Vegas too… Oh and The Elder Scrolls Oblivion???

    You are amazing

  12. find these game for me
    – Sword of the Stars 2: Enhanced Edition
    – Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
    – Freelancer
    – Evochron Mercenary
    – Astro Lords
    – Distant Star: Revenant Fleet
    – Flotilla
    – Haegemonia Gold Edition
    – Space Borders: Alien Encounters
    – RymdResa
    – Elite Dangerous
    – Ascent: The Space Game
    – X3: Reunion
    – X3: Terran Conflict
    – Galaxy Phantasy Prelude
    – Starfall Tactics
    – Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD
    – FTL: Advanced Edition

    — that all —

  13. I’ve downloaded a few games before without a problem. But I just tried two (15 days and planetbase). I had downloaded planetbase before successfully a few months ago. But not both can’t find/connect to any peers. Is there anything I can try differently?

    • Sorry we tried searching for the game but didn’t any download link. Dont worry we will post it once found…

  14. upload these game for me will you
    -Xcom: Enemy Unknown
    -into the stars (2016)
    -Sid Meier’s Starships (2015)
    -Interplanetary (2015)
    -Dawn of War III – Prophecy of War
    -Galactic Civilizations 2: Endless Universe (2008)
    -Neptune’s Pride (2010)
    -Solium Infernum (2009)

    • Here’s the result of your request:

      -Xcom: Enemy Unknown – we already have this please use the search
      -StarDrive – Not available but we have StarDrive 2
      -into the stars (2016) – we already have this please use the search
      -Sid Meier’s Starships (2015) – we already have this please use the search
      -Interplanetary (2015 – posted please check in the homepage
      -Dawn of War III – Prophecy of War – Not available
      -Galactic Civilizations 2: Endless Universe (2008) – We posted Ultimate Edition please check in the homepage
      -Neptune’s Pride (2010) – Not available
      -Solium Infernum (2009) – Not available

  15. hi can you upload game Strategy “besieger” (2004) english Language full version. im really appreciated thank you

  16. Hello! I love this site so much, you guys are doing an amazing job! Could I request The Escapist 2? I saw you already had the first one so the newer one should have a crck somewhere on the internet :) Thank you!

    • We searched for the game but didn’t find trusted download link… dont worry once we found a clean link we will post it…

    • We’ve searched for the games you requested but:

      1- Dawn of Fantasy Kingdom Wars = No seeders
      2- Element War of Magic = Download link not available


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