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Hello PC Gamerz!!! In this page you can request the games you want to download.
We will be very happy to help you get the game download you want…
Happy Gaming!!!

(Please leave a message below. If you have any questions or queries you can use our contact page)

Note: Please make sure your request are only PC (windows) Games not for other platforms. Thank you…


  1. Hi could you we’re loving the site so far. Well done. Could you try and find a couple of games for us please:

    They are

    * Rugby League
    * Stunt car racer
    * Saw
    * Drag Racing
    * Mafia
    * A Nightmare On Elm Street
    * Gran Turismo
    * halloween
    * Need for speed payback
    * need for speed
    *Party games
    * strip poker
    * blackjack
    * v8 supercars
    * Stadium trucks
    * Ford racing
    * Crash bandicoot
    * Pinball
    * The godfather

    • We search other games on your list but can’t find any games… please check if the games you requested are released for PC…

    • Sorry we couldn’t find any working Need for speed most wanted 2005 and forza horizon 3 download link…

    • can you tell us what expansion is it as we are updating the game and please make sure you read the comments for updates and info…

  2. Hi there, love the site. Is there any way you could upload Spider-Man: Edge Of Time? I can’t find it on any other sites. Thanks Admin!

  3. Hello, I really like your site. I was wondering if you could upload Spider-Man: Edge Of Time please? No other site seems to have it. Please and thanks!

  4. Is it available to add: ‘ X-COM 2 – WAR OF THE CHOSEN ..!? ‘, «with all patches&fixes / if possible..!»

    Tks in advance..

    • We have posted Total War Warhammer 2 please check…

      But there are no available download link for Football Manager 2018 sorry…

  5. pls, upload all Warriors Orochi series (Warriors Orochi, Warriors Orochi 2, Warriors Orochi 3, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, and Warriors Orochi 4)!!! pls!!! I’ve been dying to play it all

    • We have searched for the game but there are no available download link found for any game sorry…

  6. ok, since the two games I’ve requested can’t be posted, but…. is it ok to request for Evochron Legacy?

    if it’s possible :)

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • We tried searching for the game Evochron Legacy but there are no available download link sorry…

  7. Please could you release the updated version of conan exiles. it was made available on the 8th of may.

  8. I was looking for Anno 1800, thought it was already listed..! guess not.. :) , couldn’t find it..!! Can you add it?!, if it is available..


    • We have posted your request please check…

      (note: that’s the only download link we can find at the moment..)

    • We have posted the season 4 episode 1 please check… hope it works for you… Happy gaming!

  9. plis post the legend of zelda: breath of the wild include the dlcs. I really looking forward to it :’>

    • Hello, Tried searching for the game you requested but still no available download link sorry…

  10. Can you please get “State of War”
    been looking for years now,
    no luck though, can you help me out on this one

  11. Is BreathEdge already available?.. if it is, add if u can.. :)

    P.s.: It’s recent, not sure if it’s available already..!
    (Similar to Subnautica, But in Space..)

    • We have posted the game please check…

      Take note that the game is still on early access happy gaming!

    • Tks.., I know.. :) that’s why i said it was recent..
      But thanks anyway,.. Fantastic..

    • We have posted your request World of Final Fantasy but unfortunately couldn’t find well seeded download link for Need for Speed Underground (2003)…

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