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Want to get a game? Well, just let us know and we will be very glad to help!!!


Hello PC Gamerz!!! In this page you can request the games you want to download.
We will be very happy to help you get the game download you want…
Happy Gaming!!!

(Please leave a message below. If you have any questions or queries you can use our contact page)

Note: Please make sure your request are only PC (windows) Games not for other platforms. Thank you…

5,308 thoughts on “RequestGame”

  1. nice page i really enjoyed visiting this page the games are amazing,wonderfull…………………………………… idon’t have words to explain….thanks

      1. I recently installed norton 360 suite, and i think it has been blocking some of the games that i play… I really don’t want to uninstall it, so do you know anyway i can change the settings to bypass it? Example: Surgeon Simulator.exe would not start up… Please Help…

      2. “American Conquest” and possibly its expansions “American Conquest: Fight Back” and “American Conquest: Divided Nation”. These games are old… (I like dat) so if you cant find them don’t worry, if you don’t find the expansions its okay! :D

        P.S I really like this site :D very user friendly :D quick responses :D LOVE IT! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

        THANK YOU! Mittens.

        1. Oh and btw. I think it would be great if you guys posted the latest versions of games. you dont have to… just a follow up suggestion (and maybe request)


          1. Sure! No problem… but we need your help…
            You can help us by requesting any games you want to updated to latest versions.

            Thank you very much for your suggestion and for trusting our site…

        2. Hey admin could you get your hands on the pre-alpha of rust? Also please consider refreshing this page because scolling takes a while

          thanks man I appreciate all the work :)

          1. Sorry Shaun we couldnt find the pre-alpha of rust at the moment I think it is not yet released…

            I already decreased the comments so you will make it a little bit faster…

          1. Hey admin I see you have arma 2 and dayZ but DayZ requires ooeration arrowhead I believe so could you add that to the list or maybe just explain installation please

          2. Hey admin could you please get Nether beta. Its on steam I don’t know if it’s been cracked yet but could you please look for it. Thanks in advance admin :)

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