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World in Conflict, or WIC, is a real time tactical game published by Ubisoft “formerly Sierra Entertainment” for Microsoft Windows and developed by Swedish game company Massive Entertainment. The game World in conflict was released in September 2007. An expansion pack was released in March 2009 under the name World in Conflict: Soviet Assault. However, the console version has since fallen from its productions by Activision and instead exists only to expand the PC version.

The game World in conflict is set in 1989 when the social, political and economic collapse of the Soviet Union. However, the title postulates an alternate history scenario where the Soviet Union pursued a course of war to remain in power. The failure to obtain diplomatic support, Soviet forces invaded Western Europe. The player assumes the role of Lieutenant Parker, United States Army officer who served with Captain Bannon ashamed, under the command of Colonel Sawyer.

World in Conflict Game ScreenShots

World in Conflict ScreenShot 1

World in Conflict ScreenShot 2

World in Conflict ScreenShot 2

World in Conflict System Requirements


  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Video Memory: 128 MB
  • Only supplied on DVD?: Yes
  • Hard Drive Space: 9 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit)
  • DirectX Version: 9.0c

World in Conflict Direct Download Link

file size: 4.03 GiB
World in Conflict Free PC Game

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    • Hi earl,

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  1. Is this truly the full version, if so would it be recommended for me to add it to steam and then take it off my desktop?

    • welcome,
      This version doesnt work online. sorry… here’s the info of the game.


      If you want to play online, buy the game to get key.
      LAN does not require key.

      As other groups fade away, Fairlight tightens it’s grip.

      Installation Information:

      Just extract the archives and burn/mount with your favorite software.
      Install, copy our cracked content from DVD to game dir then play.

      /Team FairLight

    • Here’s the detailed installation guide please read.

      1) Unrar by RIGHT CLICKING “flt-wic.001”.
      1a) then select “Open With…” and navigate to “WinRAR Archiver”.
      1b) It will proceed to unRAR just fine.

      2) Mount the created .iso file with Daemon Tools or POwerISO.

      3) The games “Install” option will pop up in its menu. You can try to install this way, but if it doesn’t work, just open “My Computer”, go to the mounted drive, and “Explore”. Click the “Setup.exe.” file to get started installing.

      4) Go to “My Computer” and select the mounted drive, and open it with “Explore”.

      5) Open the “Fairlight” folder.

      6) Copy the 3 files (wic.exe, wic_online.exe, wic_ds.exe) into the newly installed game folder “C:Program FilesSierra EntertainmentWorld in Conflict” (these files are the hacked files you need to run the game)

      7) Click the “wic.exe” file you just copied.

  2. Im downloading the game now. I read your guide how to installed it, and you said Unrar the flt-wic.001 and burn it? how about the other files? the flt-wic.002-etc.?

    • Hello Christian and welcome,
      If you unrar the first one the rest will follow (forget about the other rars) and you will get a flt-wic.iso now you will need a deamontools or poweriso (softwares) to mount the iso file. then follow the steps above.

      note: you can find free deamontools lite using google…

      hope this helps….

  3. Hey admin Thanks for the help on installation, I installed it. I playing it right now but there is quite problem, when I play a long period of time the game suddenly stopped working (windows prompt that stopped working) I dont know why, I add it on the AV exception even it has no detection of Virus, Allow it on Firewall, I reduce quality specs of the game, and I meet the system requirement but I dont know.

    Here’s my Specs:

    Intel i3 @2.27GHz
    3gb RAM
    32 Bit
    AMD Radeon HD 6300M

    What could be the problem? Please Help Me.

  4. Hey admin dont bother the my last comment before this comment. I found the solution, I run the game in compatibility mode of windows xp SP3. Anw Thanks to your site :)


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