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The Planner: Farming is a 2013 farming simulation video game developed and published by Rondomedia. The Planner: Farming was released on December 7, 2013 for Windows PCs.

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In The Planner: Farming players take on the challenge and follow in your grandpa’s footsteps. Employ personnel, purchase new buildings, vehicles and fields, and rear dairy cattle to increase your earnings and ultimately restore your farming venture to its former splendor.

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file size: 401.2 MiB
The Planner: Farming Free Download

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10 thoughts on “The Planner: Farming Download Full Version”

    • Burn/mount, install, copy crack, play!

      Note: 1. you can find the crack iside the image file.
      2. Make sure you turn off your internet connection on the first run, next time you run game you can leave it on.

    • disable your internet and run game… next time you dont need to disable it. activation will be “done” offline so it wont ask for serial again.

      Note: sometimes it wont work on the first try – try and try.

    • If the first method wont work for you here’s the most detailed info:
      1-Delete content of Output_log file
      2-Disconnect internet
      3-Open game, click PHONE register
      4-Enter All ZERO’s everywhere until the CHECK button lights up
      5-Click CHECK
      6-ALT-F4 out of game
      7-Reconnect internet (not required, game works with or without)
      8-Start game again and you can play !!

  1. I cant get the activation key to work. I am given the first 3 4-digit activation key codes (90E6-BA6A-7D98-????) but the last 4 arent there. I am relatively new at this, can anyone help because I followed the instructions and it still wouldnt run. Thank you

    • Hi Mike, Welcome!
      Fill the activation code with zeros ex. 000-000-000-000 then press the check button, hit alt+f4 and restart the game.
      Make sure your internet connection is disabled…

      Note: re – read the instruction in the comments.

      Hope this helps…

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