(Updated) Complete The Sims 3 Store Items Full Download

This is the best compilation of The Sims 3 store items listing as of November 8, 2013. All The Sims 3 Store Items files have been put into .package form by set, so no need to deal with the horrid installer! This download was uploaded by “rachel” credit is to him/her.

You can read on this tutorial http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=Sims_3:Installing_Package_Files if you do not know how to install .package file for The Sims 3. Please also read “Read Me! v054.txt and Files List v054.txt for more information about the download.

Note: In this download you can choose what you want to download

The Sims 3 Store Items ScreenShots

Complete The Sims 3 Store Items ScreenShot 1

Complete The Sims 3 Store Items ScreenShot 2

Complete The Sims 3 Store Items ScreenShot 3

The Sims 3 Store Items Direct Download Link

file size: 11.44 GiB
Complete-Sims 3 Store Items Nov 2013

file size: 17.06 GiB
Complete-Sims 3 Store December 2013

file size: 17.54 GiB
Complete-Sims 3 Store May 2014

file size: 50.06 MB
Sims 3 Store – The Last Venue of Amore 1.1

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  1. I didn’t even realize this was possible! Made me reinstall the base game and now torrenting some of the EPs! You guys are really skilled at filling out peoples requests!

    Thank god for this website! :D

    • this is the complete store packages for the month of november. if you do not need all the package you can pick the items you want to download on utorrent. (you do not need to download all) make sure you read the info on how to install packages.

  2. Hi Admin… i finish Download all the files then Where i need to put them ?
    Have any toturial video for this ?
    My grammar not so good :)

    • Hi KIvakaixa, we have included some info on post… please read the necessary files and you will how to install them… hope it works for you… happy gaming!

    • Hi mike,
      if your problem is how to install the game pack we have included instructions on the post…

      If you are looking for complete info here is it:
      This is the COMPLETE Sims 3 Store items listing as of May 10, 2014. All files have been put into .package form by set, so no need to deal with the horrid installer!

      I have also included the decrapified sims3packs. Use one or the other, NOT both! Using both will result in duplicate items!!! Using a sims3pack from this torrent and the one from the store will ALSO result in duplicates as the process to break the copyright protection changes the sims3pack just enough for it to appear as a totally different file!

      If you aren’t sure how to install a .package file for the Sims 3, please check out the tutorial on Mod the Sims via the link provided.
      Mod the Sims Wiki – How to Install Package Files

      Please don’t just leech, seed for a while after you download!

      This is more than likely the final installment of this collection as The Sims 3 was going to hit end of life with the release of The Sims 4, which was delayed from April 2014 to Fall 2014. This means EA has not prepared more content for the store, and more than likely anything from here on out will be a vanilla lot hoping to milk it as far as they can. Don’t expect to see much else released.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      WARNING: Asking a question already answered below may lead to rudeness and/or public mocking.

      Q: I can’t open the zip files, is something wrong?
      A: The reason for the compression has always been to conserve the bandwidth of people who happen to live in places where they are charged by total data, not access speed. I changed the compression algorithm in order achieve a higher level of compression, cutting GBs from the torrent since files for this game are often extremely bloated. If you can’t open these files (which use the LZMA compression algorithm), you can download 7-Zip free via this link:
      7-Zip via 7-zip.org

      Q: Do I need to download EVERY file?
      A: If you choose to you are more than welcome to pick and choose what you want within your torrent app. If you don’t know how to do that you need to look up the help info for your torrent app. All files are in the same torrent since I will not support 3 when I started out providing only the package files and added everything else by the requests of others.

      Q: What happened to the annual package files?
      A: I combined them to help the game run more efficiently. Instead of the 5 annual packages there are now 3 larger package files instead.

      Q: Do I need to install this ‘Fixes’ package file?
      A: If you want any of the ‘Premium Content’ to work, yes you do. It used to be combined with the most recent annual file but separating it makes it easier for me to check which version is included. Expect to replace the file you have anytime new ‘Premium Content’ is in the torrent.

      Q: The directions on Mod the Sims are for mod files?
      A: Every mod posted at Mod the Sims is in the form of a .package file, the exact same thing provided in this torrent. Installation is exactly the same.

      Q: What if I want to use the .sims3pack files instead?
      A: If you have the game installed double clicking any .sims3pack file will open the launcher, which will install it. Remember, if you use the package files the only files you need to install this way are the Worlds and Buildings.

      Q: What’s the difference between the new original sims3packs and the old decrapified ones?
      A: The files labelled as originals are exactly that, unmodified originals. This also means that if you have not purchased a pack from the Sims 3 Store they likely will not install if run.

      Q: Why does the game tell me some of the files have mod scripts?
      A: Starting in June 2011 EA/Maxis started putting ‘Premium’ items on the Sims Store. Unlike any common items on the store, these ‘Premium’ items add new functionality to the game, which EA/Maxis wrote in the form of a script, which just so happens to be the same thing the vast majority of modders will do. The scripts in packages found in this torrent originate from EA/Maxis only. Any package file that only has common items, not premium, will not generate a message.

      Q: The game is showing me that the second and third collective package file are loading but not the first. Is the first broken?
      A: No. Refer to the answer above, then check the date range for the first file and you’ll have your answer.

      Q: What does Decrapified mean?
      A: ‘Decrapified’ is slang for all copy protection being removed. Every file in this torrent has been decrapified or you wouldn’t see the items in game, let alone be able to install any of the protected sims3packs. In addition, it needs to be removed in order to compile a package file.

      Q: Do any of these files require any Expansion or Stuff packs?
      A: All Sims 3 Store items only require the Base Game to work. It is recommended that you install the most recent patch as most items only require the game be patched to a specific version. If you need a way to download patches separately from the launcher I recommend the following link: The Sims 3 Patches via Strategy Informer

      Q: Are the game, expansions, and stuff packs included?
      A: No. Never has, never will be. There are plenty of places to find those already.

      Q: Where do I install a .package file for a building/lot, and what’s the difference between using those or a .sims3pack?
      A: The .package file for the building/lots allows you to install them without using the launcher if you already use the .package files to get the content. Simply drop them into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library directory.

      Q: How do I install these new .world files, and what exactly are they?
      A: The .world files are what the game turns those neighborhoods into when you run them through the launch. If you normally use the .package files to avoid the launcher then these are very similar. Using these and the .package files means you will not need to use the launcher to install them, simply drop them into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\InstalledWorlds directory.

      Q: Will these files work on a Mac?
      A: I’m sure they do, however I offer no support for installing or troubleshooting them on Macs. I do not use a Mac so I can not help you with that myself.

      Q: If I have Seasons installed, do I need to install the Festival Lot when I install a new neighborhood?
      A: Due to EA’s ineptitude, yes, you do. Their solution to solving the issue of not everyone having Seasons installed is to make those that have it install 2 files instead of providing Seasons friendly and non-Seasons versions. Not only do you need to install both, but then you actually have to go and place the festival lot! Gotta love how they make their customers solve all their logistic issues!

      Q: Do you plan to do something similar for the Sims 4 DLC?
      A: I make no promises.

      Changes in v1.4 package files

      Due to the addition of the package file versions of lots and the inconsistent nature of the lots within the collective files, the collective package files have been recompiled without the lots included

      Changes in v1.5 package files

      Files have been reorganized as the 3 collective files were no longer enough space to store all the data. Files were recompiled into 5 collective files organized with each containing content from 12 months plus additional content. Items tied to buildings and worlds were mixed in based first on resolving conflicts, eqaulizing volume, and providing each with some form of premium content to dispell the ‘Why does the message on load not contain this file?’ questions.

      Changes in v1.4 sims3packs files

      The changes are naming related. If you already have them installed no updates are necessary

      Changes in v1.3.2 package files

      Added a new item to the 21-40 collective file to prevent a conflict

      Changes in v1.3.1 package and sims3pack files

      The compilation files have been recompiled and include every single item and lot released. If you use them the only sims3packs you will need to run are for the neighborhoods you plan to play.
      Live, Laugh, Love set file type fixed

      Changes in v1.3 package and sims3pack files

      Files have been re-compressed to lower torrent’s total size. Conversion will be done gradually over several months instead of all at once. The only change to 1.3 files is the compression algorithm of the .zip files

      Changes in v1.2.1 package files

      various items have been moved into other package files to eliminate conflicts

      Changes in v1.2 package and sims3pack files

      Run through more recent versions of s3rc and decrapify
      Rigfix run on new files

      Changes in v1.1 package files

      Rigfix has been rerun since it wasn’t effective when initially run.

      Hope this helps… credit to rachelstoolbox

    • Hi Dimitra,
      We have tested the download link and it is still downloading fine and has good seeders… this is the latest we can get…

  3. Strange I left the torrent open for about 1h and it still says 0 seeds.
    Maybe I am doing something wrong? I downloaded the other 2 just fine.

  4. Hi…i have something to ask…when i open every folder to choose what i want there is 3 choose..”decrapified sims3pack”,”sims3pack”,”package”…and what i want to know it’s that everything in this three zip file are all the same???and it’s belong to what format that i want to have.???thx

    • Hello Fatima,
      Yes, they are the same… We have included all the info you need to know in the post please read it… if you are looking for solution you can check the comments section…

      If you aren’t sure how to install a .package file for the Sims 3, please check out the tutorial via the link provided in the post.

      Hope this helps…

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