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The Sims 3: World Adventures (sometimes called World Adventure) is the first expansion pack for the computer game strategic life simulation game The Sims 3. It was announced in August 2009 and had a release in North America on November 18, 2009. The Sims 3: World Adventures expansion pack  focuses on travel to different sectors in a manner similar to previous expansions for The Sims: Vacation and The Sims 2: Bon Voyage.

In The Sims 3: World Adventures, Sims are able to travel to simplified versions of France, China and Egypt. In these places, the sims can participate in adventures to win prizes and benefits. Sims also are able to level up new techniques: photography, martial arts, and taking nectar. In addition, the expansion pack provides new objects, social events, desires and opportunities.

The Sims 3: World Adventures Game ScreenShots

The Sims 3 World Adventures ScreenShot 1

The Sims 3 World Adventures ScreenShot 2

The Sims 3 World Adventures ScreenShot 3

The Sims 3: World Adventures System Requirements

  • Processor : Intel Pentium IV at 2.0 Ghz (XP) / Intel Pentium IV at 2.4 Ghz (Vista & 7)
  • Video Card : 128 MB – DirectX 9.0c compatible Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 (**See Supported List)
  • Memory : 1 GB for Windows Xp / 1.5 GB for Windows Vista & Windows 7
  • Hard Disk : 4.5 GB of free hard disk space.
  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7
  • Direct X : 9.0c

The Sims 3: World Adventures Download Link

file size: 5.07 GiB
The Sims 3: World Adventures Free PC Game
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  1. hi i am downlaoding it now . so i have the sims 3 game 1 . and i payed for it and i have the code o got from the game on my account of when i go to thesims3.come and click on some thing to download it open;s on my computer in the sims 3 start up winddow . .. so is it a way i can download this and stell able to do that from the website . ?

    • Hello Shannon! Thanks for visiting our website… Sorry to tell you that we haven’t tested The Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack on a paid the Sims 3 game 1. Most free downloads do not work online but some will. You can try and if you need help you can contact us…

    • Hello petunia,
      Here’s how:
      1. Install the Sims 3 you can find it here
      2. Unrar the game using winrar or 7-zip (search and get for free)
      3. Burn or mount the image using demon tools or powerISO
      4. Install and Use keygen when prompted for serial you can also use this (F33K-HVX5-8KR2-E8KP-6RLD)
      5. Copy over the cracked content to Game Bin of your installation directory
      6. Play the game

      Please Support the software developers. If you like this game, buy the game… thanks…

    • hello Mariah,
      you must unrar them to your desired folder (where you can easily find it)…
      then follow the instruction provided in the comments

  2. ya instale el juego y corre, pero al llegar al menu sale que no se puede jugar porque no se puede comprobar la valides del disco sims trotamundos, que tengo que hacer?

    • Hello javiera,
      You need to copy the crack to your sims 3 bin directory . You can find the files to copy on the ISO file need to double click it..

  3. Already follow the step by step instructions on how to install the expansion. Many times i copied the crack content from the ISO to bin dir, it still doesnt work…. Am i missing something?? Pls help….

  4. Where should I place the crack file?? In the sims 3 bin or the sims 3 world adventure bin?? confused… anyway, i placed the crack in both of the bins n the game keeps saying no disc found… what should i do??

    • @Lei Oliver, sorry for that… we have some problem that is why… but do not worry we will update the links once resolved… please like our fanpage for updates… thank you…

  5. Hello,
    First of all thanks for posting all of these, as much as I’d like to be fair and buy the game, 400+ euros for a game is just too much, so <3 for you. :)
    Second, I'd like to ask you if you know how to fix the issue with this expansion where once I initiate the installation, it starts some sort of update, makes an error there and stops, so installation of the game isn't even possible.
    Thanks in advance if you can give some advice on this.

    • Hello san,
      You can try to turn off your internet connection when installing the game… hope this helps… just let us know if you still have problems

    • Meanwhile I managed to find some 1.1gb file that replaces that update, so after installing that, it goes through the process of installing to the end, but after replacing the original files with the one in Crack folder the launcher isn’t working anymore and it just crashes, so atm I kinda gave up and waiting to get the other expansions and have a go again. For now it doesn’t look promising, but hey, was worth a go. :) Also the torrent basically misses a serial key in it, and if you didn’t write one here in one of the comments above, I’d have to search for it at some other place. Having hopes it will go easier with other expansions. :) Thanks for the answer anyway. :)

  6. Hi, I’m having some difficulty with the actual installation process. I’ve (somehow) made it through the rest of the steps, yet once I get to installation an error message pops up and says,
    “The setup has detected that the regional install code for The Sims3 is different then what this expansion requires. This product requires The Sims 3 to have the same regional code in order to be installed”.
    I’ve been using this file to start the installation- Sims3EP01Setup.exe Is this correct? It’s the only file that I could find to actually start any sort of process to install. Anyways, thanks for the help and for the programs!

  7. To all who are having problems:

    Here’s the basic installation guide you can use…

    must have Sims 3 base installed(legal/pirated doesn’t matter)

    must have DAEMON tools or similar mounting software.


    You must crack it, this involves an extra step in the installation. Simply follow the instructions.
    (note, update when asked, it can’t hurt)
    1: install and unrar.
    2. right click the ISO file, and hover the mouse over, open with….select daemon tools.
    3. Use keygen for the serial.
    4. Install.
    5. Drag the crack folders to the SIMS 3, not the world adventures bin folder, then run the game through the WORLD ADVENTURES exe., not the sims 3 Exe, you will now run all future add ons/SIMS 3 through the world adventures exe.


    Easy, follow steps 1-4 above, then run the exe. of your first add on. World adventures should be loaded there.

    Credit to lawyer123

  8. To people who are having problems with regional code here’s the steps:

    1. Go to RUN.
    2. Type in regedit.
    3. it will come up so click it.
    4. Then go to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE.
    5. Go down to SOFTWARE and open it.
    6. Go down to Wow6432Node. Open it.
    7. Then find classes and open it and then find Sims( the file not the game) and open it.
    8. Then open The Sims 3 (not the game, the file!).
    9. You will see a file called SKU. Open it.
    10. Then type 7 in the Value Data space.

    Credit to Twiiker Rocks!!!

  9. does this download work properly. I want to buy it but it’s the last one that i need, and i just wanted to make sure this isn’t spam or anything like that. :)

  10. Umm i not used to downloading PC games on my computer. i have the original Sims 3 but i want to download the adventures one. Can anyone tell me if it actually works without to much trouble. Thanks :)

  11. Well I got all the way into the game where is asks you to start a new game or pick from a saved game & it says that it was unable to verify that I have the correct disc in, I’ve spent hours trying this stupid method only without prevail. I should’ve just spent the $19.99 and avoided the hassle.

  12. hello could you tell me step by step how to download the expansion packs from the torent to the sims3 game? are these expansion packs the full game?

    • if you want to install all you will be needing an updated Cr@ck to make it work… You need to search for it…

  13. Hi, I have one question, I downloaded it, and unrared it but when I try to install it, it says that The Sims 3 has to be upgraded or something like that, is there a fix for that?

  14. Hey, I have a problem. OK so I downloaded the expansions perfectly fine, but when comes to installing the game an error keeps popping up saying the files do not match. Any hints on what I should do

    • Hi. I have succeeded with the downloading and stuff, but I got troubles with finding and knowing what to do with the crack. I know many people retarded like me have probably asked this one million times before but where can I find the info/readme? Where in the folder? Or is it on the website somwehere?

    • Hello Kashma,
      Have you urared the files?
      This download is compressed so you will need winrar or likes to unarchive the files (just unrar the first then the rest will follow)
      We have included installation guide in the comments (alex posted some fixes)… please read…
      Note: you will find the needed files (crack) inside the .iso
      Hope this helps…

  15. I tried to mount the image and when the install came up it said:
    The setup has detected that the regional install code for The Sims 3 is different then what the expansion requires.


    • Have you downloaded the sims 3 from this site? Please read comments alex give some useful info on how to install and fix regional codes…

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