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The Movies Free Game Full Download

The Movies Free Game Full Download

The Movies is a business simulation game created by Lionhead Studios. The Movies was released for Microsoft Windows and then moved to Mac OS X by Feral Interactive in North America on November 8, 2005 and in Europe on November 11, 2005 after reaching gold status on October 8, 2005. The game The Movies allows players to assume the role of a movie mogul of Hollywood, running a studio and creating films. Much has been made about the film-making aspect of the game, and allows players to easily visible works or machinima.

The Movies Game ScreenShots

The Movies ScreenShot 1

The Movies ScreenShot 2

The Movies ScreenShot 3

The Movies System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 3 @ 800 MHz
  • Memory: 256 Mb
  • Hard Drive: 2.5 Gb free
  • Video Memory: 32 Mb
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c

The Movies Download Link

file size: 1.92 GiB
The Movies Free PC Game
If you want to get the Stunts and Effects Expansion Pack
>>Download Here<<

155 thoughts on “The Movies Free Game Full Download”

    1. @sweetypiegirl you can try this ANPK-GNJH-A4ZZ-KKZ7-2993 if that doesnt work please try to open the .ISO file and find the folder that has crack and maybe keygen…

    2. i own the cd and when i insert it trys to run program then says library not registered how can i fix this

    3. Hello needhelp,
      have you download the game here (for the cra’ck)? if yo have you need to copy the cra’ck file to your installation folder… please read comments for info we have provided the installation guide already…

    1. lamar, You need to copy and paste the crack into the program files > intallation folder after you install it… Right click the iso file and copy and replace the files inside DEViANCE folder…

  1. Ive installed the game, it keeps asking for the CD.. I have no idea what a ‘crack’ is or how to install one? can somebody please explain what i need to do!

    thanks :)

    1. Hi Tommy,

      Here’s the installation guide:

      1. Download
      2. Mount with poweriso or deamon tools or other software like it
      3. Open disk and run the setup file
      4. Should install fine may get a libary not registered error or may not have installed correctly or compatibility problems..ignore it, it’ll still work.
      5. Once installed open up the ISO that should still be mounted go to the folder named “DEViANCE” they’ll be 3 applications. 2 aren’t needed one is movies.exe. Copy/paste that to your install DIR(Default C:Program files(X86)/Lionhead/The movies) copy and replace.

      Run the game from the install directory(The movies.exe) setup basic graphic settings and away you go.

      Hope this helps happy gaming!!!

    2. Hi i have run the setup after mounting th efiles onto a cd but the second it opens its asking for a key, i dont have a key…

      please advise

    3. Thanks for All L cant open this game but l find your comment and L can play Gameeee l m so happy then

    1. Thank you so much! Big help! Can you explain the install for the Stunts and Effects package? Thanks in advanced! BTW. I know I’m a few years off…

    1. Hi Shock,
      Please read the installation guide we have provided in the comments to prevent double post…

      Hope you install the game correctly… happy gaming!!!

  2. For years I’ve tried to download this game but it still doesn’t work for me. I can’t install because everytime I click on the install button it opens a pop-up window that says “Runtime Error! The application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly”.
    PS: I followed the procedures of the guide in the comments but, once I cannot install, there’s no such a folder (Default C:Program files(X86)/Lionhead/The movies) in my pc to past the archive “the movies.exe”. So, how do I solve it?

    1. Tatiana,

      We are so sorry for our late reply… (having problems with our server)
      You have problem with your computer or your laptop that is causing the runtime error you can read here for more info:

      You need to install the game first before you can find the (Default C:Program files(X86)/Lionhead/The movies) after the installation then you apply the cracks.

      Hope this helps…

    1. Hi Andy, welcome…

      You can try and let us know if you encounter any problems…

      Happy gaming!!!

  3. Please i don’t know where is the iso file to mount the image with daemon tools. I don’t know how to play :((( Help me please ! Im eager to play !

    1. Hi PsyckoZ78,
      This is the name of the iso file “dev-tm.iso”… to find it right click on your download manager then click open containing folder. please read comments for installation guide…

    1. 1. Make sure you have the account admin rights to install the game.
      2. Don’t run the autorun.exe file when you put the DVD/CD’ s in, instead go to my computer then CD/DVD drive and manually find the setup.exe file and run that to install. When you run the setup file also be sure to right click and run it as an admin.

  4. I am sorry for annoying but i download the game and every thing is okay but the problem in Windows Media Player 9 Series it doesnot match with windows 7 what can i do :((((

    1. Hi rama,

      What do you mean? there is no need for windows media for this… please read comments for installation guide…

  5. Sorry for posting so much but I also need the Product Key I tried the one you provided at the the top but it didn’t work and I don’t know where to find the key generator.

    1. Hi Max, Please read comments for installation. you will find the serial on Deviance.nfo inside the iso file on DEViANCE folder. if you do not know how to open nfo or iso file you can read here.

  6. I have downloaded the game, and all things right but when i want to copy\paste the crack i can’t find the direction(c:program files\lionhead\the movies) i can’t solve the problem and when i run the game asking( please insert the movies cd ) plz help me and thanks for your efforts.

    1. Hi Prettylady,
      You need to open the iso file to get the crac/k find the folder named “DEViANCE” (inside the iso) then copy it to your installation dir = Default C:Program files(X86)/Lionhead/The movies… hope this helps…

    1. We have provided the installation note on the comments… anyway, please copy the contents of deviance folder (not the whole folder) to the install dir.

      Default path for 64 bits = C:Program files(X86) > Lionhead > The movies
      Default path for 32 bits = C:Program files > Lionhead > The movies

      Hope this helps…

    1. Hello November, If you have installed the game then you have used the iso file (image file). Use the crack and it wont ask for cd.
      Open the iso and find the folder named “DEViANCE” you can read the instruction in the comments and please read them carefully…

    1. @Ryan, did you already installed the game or you are still just looking for the dev-tm.iso? you can read the comments as we alrady have posted all the answers you need to make the game work… make sure you have deamontools of poweriso (softwares) installed on your system…

      Hope this helps… Happy gaming!

    1. @jefferson, I didn’t get what you mean… you can download the game using uTorrent and install it using poweriso or deamontools software.

      If you want to try using winrar to extract the .iso file… create a folder where you can easily find it. then extract the all the contents of the iso file in that folder (make sure it has all files) then install following the installation guide posted above. (note: we have not tested the game this way so we can’t guarantee it will work for you)

      Hope this helps…

  7. Hello all,

    My question is more so if anyone has encountered a bug/crash that I’ve been having. During the first movie award in the game (believe the year is 1925 or around there) does anyone keep getting a crash? Like before they even start announcing the first award the game crashes. If this is the wrong place for this I apologize but was just wondering if anyone is in the same boat I am. :/

    1. Make sure you followed the steps provided in the comments… you will also need software from microsoft like visual c++ , .NEt framwork and directx…. please read our faqs page for more info and download links…

    1. @S, hello and welcome!
      The link still works… if its your first time here please take time to read our FAQs page there you will learn how to download games here. Happy gaming! thanks for visiting our site!

  8. I need help. instmsia.exe is that the setup file because when I run it. it says that this application is for the wrong OS I’m using Windows 7 I really want to play this game plz hele ):

    1. Hi Justin,
      You are clicking the wrong exe it is movies.exe.

      Please read the comments we have already included the installation guide… hope this helps…

  9. I ran the movies.exe but nothing happens but when i extract it says I have to insert the disk. Also I think you guys have to make a how to install video I feel like that will help more.

  10. The problem I have with the instruction is that step 3 doesn’t explain what is the setup file so I found 3 movies.exe one in the setup Data and the one in rsrc I clicked the rsrc one and it gave me a not registered error and then it said in step 4 it’s not a problem then I followed step 5 but I can’t find the folder where i should put these

  11. I’m sorry for posting thrice already but I’m a complete idiot i did not scroll down and then I saw the setup file I’m sorry for causing trouble

    1. Hi Justin,
      Did you already figure it out? have you installed the game successfully? please let us know and we are willing to help…

  12. ok… please help me .. the game asks me now about DVD !
    (( Please insert the movies (TM) DVD , select ok and restart application ))
    what i should do now :( :(

    1. Hi Hager selem and help :(,
      We have included the installation guide in the comments please read and follow carefully… if there’s still a problem let us know…

    1. Hello Fadhli and welcome!
      Have you tried running the game as administrator? Please make sure you read comments as we have already provided info on how to make the game work…

  13. Hello I have read the installation guide. I installed the game correctly but when I click on the Movies.exe I get a pop up that says Missing shortcut locate the file. I have the application on there so I locate it and then nothing happens.

    1. Hello Tyler and welcome,
      What windows (OS) are you using? can you please tell what compatibility mode did you use…

      Will wait for your response…

  14. Every time I run setup.exe it starts to run and then closes and wont do anything else. It has admn privileges and all that. I have windows 7. is there anything else I can do?

    1. Hello Josh and welcome,

      Have you tried running the game as administrator? You can try doing the compatibility mode also if that didn’t work also… please read the faqs to know how to run the game in compatibility mode… hope this helps…

    1. Hello shilpa and welcome,

      You can install the game even without a CD… You can use a mounting/virtual drive software like deamontools or PowerISO…
      Please read comments for installation guide…

  15. So I followed the install guide and was able to mount the game with daemon tools and install the game with a CD key I already had. Im stuck at part 5 concerning the Defiance files, I found the Defiance folder but I cant find the default folder/file im supposed to copy/ paste the movies into. Am I just reading the directions wrong or is it different with Daemon tools?

  16. Hi Guyz,

    Here’s the installation guide that I make my game worked
    1. Download
    2. Mount Dev-tm.iso to any mounting software
    3. Open .iso file and Copy Crack (files) inside the deviance folder
    4. Paste to your game directory (Setup/data/PASTE HERE)
    5. Enjoy :D

    1. Hello Misa and welcome,
      We have already included the installation guide for this game in the comments please back read or read carefully…

    1. Hello Frank and welcome,
      We have posted the installation guide and answered problems in the comments please read you might find answers for your game crash… If still have problems after following instructions just let us know…

  17. I’m unsure if anyone still checks here, but may as well try.

    Downloaded the file no problems, but am having problems actually installing the game. I’ve mounted it with Daemon Tools Pro, and followed the instructions you put in the comments above. However, when I get the “Library not registered” error and click the exit button, it just crashes the setup and won’t go any further. I’ve tried doing this both as administrator and not, and am unsure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Hello Connor and welcome,
      Sorry about it, is there an option where you can click ignore not exit? We have tested this a long time ago and it works… please let us know if you still problem…

  18. Hi admin i have problem with internet connection i cant download large files so please can u split this file and can u upload it to any cloud storage Thank u,……

    1. Hello Ilenia,
      Does your sound card have the latest drivers?
      Have you played with any of the settings in the sound section in the game?

      Most of the games here can be change to english but for other language not sure… try to use the settings for that if it is available…

      Hope this helps…

    1. Hello Rishabh jain,
      you can try to run the game as administrator, if that fails try running in compatibility mode for vista sp1 or xp sp3, via the game icons properties.

      Hope this helps…

    1. Hello AnonymousGeorge and welcome,

      Have you tried reading the comments in the post for Stunt and Effects expansion? we have included some info there please read…

  19. Hi
    I just wanted to say that this game is amazing and realy easy to install and Admin is very helpful. Unfortiuneatly my game files corupted and i couldnt reinstall it. I found a good way to install the movies with that problem. if anyone has a similar problem just let me know I can help to get this game.

    1. It is better to read the FAQ’s if you are new in a website. You can download the game by click the link.

    1. Hello PondLOLz and welcome,
      We have posted some useful installation guide in the comments section please check/read…

  20. I tried to install it but was struck at setup.exe. Whenever i run setup.exe it asks for cd key before installation…

    1. Hi EinstienJr,

      We have posted the code in the comments please read for more info on how to install the game…

  21. Ok I installed it by searching serial keys on net but now I have a window 7 laptop, window media player wasn’t compatible. And game is not running, error report is window media player or a component of it is missing.

    1. Hi EinstienJr,
      Have you replaced the crack in your installation dir or tried running the game as administrator? please check the comments for installation guide and if the problem still there just let us know…

  22. So I downloaded the game yesterday and it played fine but this morning, every time I click on the icon to play, it tries to load for a second but then nothing happens. Why won’t it let me play?

    1. Hello Alecz,

      Please make sure you run the game from the install directory (The movies.exe) not on desktop… (you can also make shortcut) also please make sure you read comments we have posted some useful info… Hope this helps…

  23. Hi, i did everything as instructed and even tried running as adminstrator and it still wouldn’t open, it doesnt have any popups just doesn’t open. Any clues


    1. Hello James and welcome,

      We are really sorry for our late response…

      Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode? please try… and make sure you have all the needed software to play the game like directx… for more info you can go to our faqs page…

  24. I cannot seem to run the game, I set compatibility mode, and ran as administrator, it askes if i want to run it and i click yes, then nothing happens

    1. We have posted some useful info on how to make the game work in comments have you read and follow them?

    2. Hi Daisy,

      Please make sure you have installed these software on your system:

      – Microsoft Visual C++
      – Microsoft .NET Framework
      – Microsoft DirectX

      for more info about the softwares you can go to our FAQs page…

  25. I need help to download this game please can someone help I have done everything right I have downloaded utorrent as well can some one help me step by step please on what to do to download this game thanx

    1. Hi kanna,

      We have posted useful info on the comments please read… you will find code and installation instructions on how to make the game work also…

  26. Do I have to install the Downloader client, in order to play this?? If so, that downloader client contains unwanted viruses and adware. Is their a separate link to download the game?

  27. hi, i installed the game and i could do the tutorial without problem, but whenever i try to lauch a new game, it crashes after 1 or 2 seconds. any fix ? I use win10 and tried every compatibility option + run as administrator, none of those worked

  28. i’m having real difficulty getting this done. i’ve managed to download the file and i think i’ve mounted it but i’ve no idea what to do now. I’ve read the installation guide repeatedly but to no avail

    1. Tested and still works… please make sure you read our faqs page for info on how to download torrent if you are new on doing this…

  29. Hi, i managed to get the torrent on my laptop but when i go to install, it asks for disk 2, i’ve read previous responses about copying crack onto a deviance folder but my problem is i don’t have that as i haven’t yet got the game on my laptop, just the virtual cd with the set up etc, any chance you can help? been trying to get this sorted for years and this is the closest i’ve got!

    1. Hi, i’ve managed to install the game now onto my machine but it says i dont have permissons to run it, i’ve tried running the game in admin mode and it just doesn’t do anything, any ideas?

    2. Find the deviance folder inside the virtual cd and then copy the contents (inside the deviance folder) to where you installed the game… hope this helps…

  30. Hey, when I try to download the game onto my computer flash player shows up as a grey box at the final step. I tried reinstalling flash player but it’s made no difference. Any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

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