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Project Zomboid is an open world retro-style RPG survival horror video game developed The Indie Stone. Project Zomboid was first released on July 2011 and will be available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

About the Game

Project Zomboid is set in a post apocalyptic, zombie infested world where the player is challenged to survive for as long as possible before inevitably dying. It was also one of the first five games released on the alpha funding section of the gaming portal Desura.

Project Zomboid Game ScreenShots

Project Zomboid-1

Project Zomboid-2

Project Zomboid-3

Project Zomboid System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Processor: Intel 2.77GHz Quad Core
  • Memory: 2Gb Ram
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.23gig
  • Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible dedicated graphics card
  • Sound: OpenAL compatible sound card

Project Zomboid Download Link

file size: 274.16 MiB
Project Zomboid v2.9.9.17 (Free PC Download)

file size: 354.29 MiB
Project Zomboid Build 26 + Hotfix

file size: 347.77 MiB
Project Zomboid Build 27

file size: 874.27 MiB
Project Zomboid Build 28

file size: 388.71 MiB
Project Zomboid Build 30

file size: 521.67 MB
Project Zomboid v31.13

file size: 618.7 MiB
Project Zomboid Build 37.2

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25 thoughts on “Project Zomboid Free Game Download Full”

    • If i remember we havent tested this in mulitiplayer but you can try… this is the latest download link we can find…

    • @Strider,
      No problem just let us know will be happy to find it for you… :D

      Anyway we have found Project Zomboid Build 26 + hotfix included
      Simply unpack and play.

      Hope that this is the update you are looking for and it works for you… happy gamin!

    • Hi Strider,
      We have updated the download link please check… happy gaming!

      – Unzip the .ZIP file to your desired location and play.

    • hi Strider,
      we have tested the download link and it is downloading ok… are you still downloading the game or you are already done?

  1. i was already done when it told me the files were missing, no idea why, it downloaded ok and it seems to have all the files but then it doesn’t open and when it does open it runs the little command thing then says “Error Project Zomboid Missing” here I am going to download it again, on my computer here and on another one to check be right back … nope still that same problem, some crap about Java this time something about not being able to run it, let me try running with admin permissions be right back … nope still nothing, hmmm well I don’t know, if its running for you then I don’t know what the problem is.

  2. ah-HA! I fixed it, was was this left over part of the older file that was keeping it from working, I now have it installed and working, well, thanks for being helpful and thanks for the downloads, I will defiantly buy this game soon!

    • Hi Strider,
      So sorry about our late reply… We are glad the you make it work…

      you are always welcome! happy gaming!

  3. Hi guys
    I am wondering where all the seeders for the updates have gone??
    i have been trying to download the updates (even just one at a time) and there is zero seeders for all of them? I have super fast broadband so I know its not my coonection. And I always make sure there is nothing else on the internet while I am downloading.
    I really want to play it with all updates so I can decide whether or not to buy it.
    could you pleeeeeeaaassse seed it for me?
    Sorry for the long post
    much appreciated.


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