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Premium Play Darkness (プレミアムプレイ~ダークネス~) is an eroge video game created by the Japanese company Illusion. Premium Play Darkness was released on January 25, 2013 for Windows PC.


  • Enjoy the story of their favorite heroine cast a custom, this work is very premium 3D animation game.
  • Freely customize easily the character of a total of 26 people!
  • Story mode is to be selected from three types of heroine, the story with a different name with a combination of 4 ×!
  • Play any combination of the content and location of clothes, in free mode you can edit the etch your favorite scene.
  • The film willingness to taste the way you want it rolled burr spear move, the true value of Illusion!

Premium Play Darkness Game ScreenShots

Premium Play Darkness ScreenShot 1

Premium Play Darkness ScreenShot 2

Premium Play Darkness ScreenShot 3

Premium Play Darkness System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor or equivalent
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • Disc Drive: 8x or faster DVD drive
  • Hard Drive: 9 GB or more free space
  • Video: Shader Model 3.0 support with 512 Ram (Nvidia(R) Geforce(R) 8800 GT or better)
  • Sound: 100% DirectX 10 compatible sound card
  • Input: Dual-analog gamepad

Premium Play Darkness Download Link

file size: 12.13 GiB
Premium Play Darkness Free PC Game

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14 thoughts on “Premium Play Darkness Free Download Full Version”

  1. The download files is in Russian you will need this installation guide to install the game.

    1. Mount the file “Образ игры [Image game]DISK1.ISO” with Daemon tools or similar (I use MagicDisc) and close the autostart box that pops up
    2. Open up the mounted directory and run Startup.exe as administrator under Japanese Locale. Otherwise, install via HF pAppLoc and start up Startup.exe by right-clicking and selecting “Run with Japnese local as administrator)
    3. You will see the installation menu *if you see the top button able to be clicked (sorry, closest I could come up with – in other words, if the top button is a viable option to click on and is not grayed out), that means that you don’t have DirectX9.0c installed. The game will NOT start if you ignore this installation.
    —if the above is not true, then press the second button down to install the game—
    4. Press the button “N” twice
    5. IMPORTANT – change the game installation path to C:illusionPPD if you want this game to work
    They installed this under D:GamesPPD. Important is to use the !angl (no idea what this means – English?) language (you can use numbers) and a simple path to the game folder. The path should NOT have russian letters!
    6. Press the “N” key again. In the next window, press the I key and wait for the game to install.
    7. When the installation is about a third of the way done, it will ask for disk 2. Mount disk 2 in the same manner as you did in step 1, and continue installing
    8. Repeat above for disk 3
    9. once it’s done installing, close the setup
    10. Install the patch Premium Play Darkness HF Patch.
    11. to launch the game you will have to mount disk1.iso again
    12. Launch via the original executable or via the launcher (the executable should be at C:illusionPPDプレミアムプレイ.exe or wherever you installed the game) and choose “Run with Japanese local” if using HF pAppLoc (I do not believe this launches the English version of the game though)


    – English – Installed with the patch mentioned above in step 10. Launch Premium Play Darkness English.exe in the game folder. Either that or you install it via the “Launchers” folder.

    – russian – if you can read russian then you don’t need this translation


    * the patch require 2gb of free space on teh disk where the game is installed
    * no idea wtf the second point says
    * too lazy to traslate the third one, but doesn’t look too important (something about bugs in the translation programs)

  2. i tried to download magicdisc bu itwont download me and i also tried daemon tools but you need to pay is there any other apps to download?


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