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Monstrum is a survival horror video game developed by Team Junkfish and published by Independent. The game randomly selects elements such as the type of monster hunting the player and the available escape routes from the cargo ship in order to make every game a different experience. Monstrum was first release on January 29, 2015 and available for Microsoft Windows PC.

Monstrum Game Trailer

YouTube video

Monstrum System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 – 32 bit
  • Processor: Intel / AMD – 2.4 GHz (Dual Core)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 285 / ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 – 1GB (Direct x 9.0c / 10 / 11)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space


  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 – 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 / AMD FX-6 – 3.0+ GHz (Quad Core)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 560 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 6970 – 1GB (Direct x 11)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space

Monstrum Direct Download Link

file size: 1.31 GB
Monstrum Free Download

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14 thoughts on “Monstrum Full PC Game Download”

  1. udp:// does not work for me!

    Am I the only one? What’s up? All of a sudden (since yesterday) I cannot download anything anymore!

  2. Monstrum has 0 seeds & 0 peers!

    And not only Monstrum but also other torrents here!
    Am I the only one having this issue? Is my torrentclient being blocked?

    The day before yesterday I was able to download (and finish!) Hitman: Absolution torrent and since yesterday other torrents stopped working for me! Including this one!

    Anyone else having trouble? I really don’t know what to do because I did not change anything in my cpu settings – only thing I did was cleaning the registry with CCleaner but that was actually after this happened!
    Tried it with qBittorrent and here I have the same issue!
    Wtf? :(

    Is there any help? :( I’d really really appreciate any kind of help here!

  3. Oh and btw what I perhaps did before the client stopped working was installing the SP1 (Win7). I say perhaps because I am not sure if the client really stopped working after this or already before this.

    • Hello Col. Simmons,

      The download link is working here as we have tested it… It might be the problem of your system… try to uninstall utorrent or the client you are using the reinstall… make sure you have not block it on your firewall and on your antivirus software.

      Hope this helps…

  4. Btw of course I did what you proposed and even more:

    I uninstalled, reinstalled and even redownloaded the torrent clients (utorrent and qbittorrent) and also redownloaded the magnet links etc.

    One last solution I myself can think of would be trying to download by adding the .torrent file directly (without magnet link).

    So would it be possible to post the actual .torrents here for at least “Darkest Dungeon” and “Darkness Within: Dilogy”?

    As I said, at least the magnet links aren’t working properly (just for me?!).

    Two days ago I had NO problems with downloading your torrents through those magnet links!

    I’m really desperate now and don’t know what to do :(

  5. Yes I already tried with an old XP notebook but with the same result :(

    I already searched the internet very thoroughly but nothing appears to work for is soooo strange that suddenly no torrents work anymore…as I said three days ago I successfully downloaded hitman:absolution (unpatched) and now I can’t do anything anymore.

    Maybe you know anything else I could do?

    I am very sorry to bother you guys but in my desperation I seek everyone who might have help…

    • Hello Col. Simmons,
      Our suspect is that your ISP is blocking your connection for torrents… Have you read the link you have provided… It has lots of information you can try to know what is your problem…

  6. Don’t know if my latest post reached you but I wanted to say that it suddenly works again!


    No idea why, but it does. Thanks anyway for your help.
    And I have one little request: Can you guys please delete the forumlink I posted? I’d really appreciate that!


    • Hello Col. Simmons,
      Good to hear that it is working for you again… :D

      We have removed the link as per your request…

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