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Maniac Mansion Deluxe Free Download Game Full

    Maniac Mansion Free Download PC Game Full

    Maniac Mansion is a graphical adventure game developed and published by Lucasfilm Games released for the first time in 1987. Maniac Mansion follows teenager Dave Miller as he ventures into a mansion and tries to save his girlfriend from an evil mad scientist, the whose family has been audited by sentient meteorite crashed near the mansion 20 years ago. The player uses an interface point-and-click to guide the Dave and two of his friends through the mansion, avoiding dangerous people and solving puzzles.

    Note: This download contains Maniac Mansion Deluxe plus the Day of the Tentacle

    Maniac Mansion Game Trailer

    Maniac Mansion ScreenShots

    Maniac Mansion ScreenShot 01

    Maniac Mansion ScreenShot 02

    Maniac Mansion ScreenShot 03

    Minimum System Requirements:

    • Windows 3.1/DOS
    • 286 Processor
    • 640K RAM
    • 256-color VGA
    • Sound Card
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard

    Recommended System Requirements:

    • 386 Processor
    • Expanded Memory
    • Mouse

    Maniac Mansion Direct Download Link

    file size: 317.8 MB
    Maniac Mansion Deluxe + Day of the Tentacle