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Lost Planet 3 is a third-person shooter game developed by Spark Unlimited and published by Capcom. Lost Planet 3 has been released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America August 27, 2013. Lost Planet 3 is the prequel to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Lost Planet 2 takes place on the same planet EDN III. The game will take a more story-driven narrative approach to campaign similar to the first game.

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About This Game:

The extreme and unpredictable conditions that characterised the Lost Planet series return, harsher than ever before. Lost Planet 3 reveals new truths about the foreboding planet and the colonial history of E.D.N. III.

Lost Planet 3 introduces Jim Peyton, a rig pilot who leaves Earth to take on a hazardous but lucrative contract on E.D.N. III. Working for Neo-Venus Construction (NEVEC) who are preparing the planet for colonisation, Jim joins his fellow pioneers at the Coronis base and begins surveying the uncharted terrain and obtaining samples of the planet’s energy supply – Thermal Energy.

With NEVEC’s existing Thermal Energy reserve running low the fate of the Coronis mission depends on the natural source of the energy supply being located. Realising that this is a great opportunity for a huge pay-off and early ticket home to his family, Jim braves the risk of the treacherous environment and threat of the indigenous Akrid.

More info at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/226720/

Lost Planet 3 Game ScreenShots

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Lost Planet 3 System Requirements

Minimum Specs:

  • CPU: 2.67 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom X2
  • RAM: 1 GB system memory
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 graphics card with 512 MB RAM, Nvidia 7000-series or Radeon 800-series or better. Additionally, Intel HD4000 integrated graphics are supported as well.
  • Operating system: Windows Vista
  • DirectX audio card
  • 8 GB hard disk space

Recommended Specs:

  • CPU: 3 GHz quad core processor, Intel Core i5, AMD Phenom X4 or better
  • RAM: 2GB system memory (or 4 GB 64-bit operating system)
  • Graphics: DirectX 11 GFX card with 1 GB vRAM, Nvidia 500 series or AMD 6000 series or better.
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • DirectX audio card
  • 12 GB hard disk space

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file size: 16.3 GiB
Lost Planet 3 Free PC Game

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