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Lego Racers 2 is a Lego racing video game developed by Attention to Detail and published by Lego Software. It was first released in September 2001 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance. It is the sequel to the 1999 game Lego Racers. This sequel was first revealed by Lego on August 21, 2001.

Game Description:
Lego Racers 2 is the sequel to Lego Racers published by Taito Corporation. The game was developed by ATD and Pocket Studios. In Lego Racers 2 there are five new worlds, the first being ‘Sandy Bay’. After completing 3 other worlds the player enters the final world known as ‘Xalax’. Here the player will race the ultimate boss ‘Rocket Racer’ in a giant stadium for the title of “greatest racer in the Lego galaxy”. A player will only move on from world to world if they win five races and collect gold bricks.

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Lego Racers 2 Game Trailer

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS:
  • Processor:
  • Memory:
  • Hard Drive:
  • Video Memory:
  • Video Card:
  • Sound Card:
  • DirectX:
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

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file size: 544.36 MB
Lego Racers 2 Free Download

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  1. Note: This game is really old… There might be problems in the newer version of windows…

    Here’s the installation guide:
    Mount or Burn the Lego Racers 2.img


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