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Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a sandbox-style space flight simulator video game, currently in development for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux by Squad. The first public Kerbal Space Program alpha version was released on June 24, 2011 and updates have been released ever since.

In Kerbal Space Program, players take command of the space organization of Kerbin planet and are responsible for tasks including mission planning, rocket design and space navigation and piloting. Although there are no official targets, the implicit goal is for players to successfully leave Kerbal astronauts exploring the solar system.

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About This Game:
In KSP you must build a space-worthy craft, capable of flying its crew out into space without killing them. At your disposal is a collection of parts, which must be assembled to create a functional ship. Each part has its own function and will affect the way a ship flies (or doesn’t). So strap yourself in, and get ready to try some Rocket Science!

The game offers three gameplay modes: Sandbox, in which you are free to build anything you can think of; Science Mode, which lets you perform Scientific experiments to advance the knowledge of Kerbalkind and further the available technology; and Career Mode, in which you must manage every aspect of your Space Program, including administration strategies, Crew Management, Reputation, as well as taking up Contracts to earn Funds and upgrade your Space Center Facilities (or repair them).

Add to this the ability to capture asteroids (a feature done in collaboration with NASA), Mining for resources out across the furthest reaches of the Solar System, Constructing Bases and Space Stations in and around other worlds; plus literally thousands of mods from a huge active modding community, all add up into the award-winning game that has taken the space sim genre by storm.

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Kerbal Space Program Game ScreenShots

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Kerbal Space Program System Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
  • Memory: 2 Gb
  • Hard Drive: 1 Gb free
  • Video Memory: 512 Mb
  • Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3870
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 @ 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+
  • Memory: 4 Gb
  • Hard Drive: 2 Gb free
  • Video Memory: 1 Gb
  • Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 4870
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

Kerbal Space Program Direct Download Link

file size: 383.39 MiB
Kerbal Space Program 0.20.2

file size: 398.51 MiB
Kerbal Space Program v0.23.5.464

file size: 721.35 MB
Kerbal Space Program v1.0

file size: 581.18 MB
Kerbal Space Program v1.0.5

file size: 1.12 GB
Kerbal Space Program v1.1.3

file size: 1.18 GiB
Kerbal Space Program ( (GOG)

file size: 1.36 GB
Kerbal Space Program Away with Words

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    • @eli,
      We have updated the game to Kerbal Space Program v0.23.5.464 please check…

      Here’s the installation for this game:
      1) Extract KSPEA.rar using 7-Zip 9.20 or WinRAR.
      2) Run using KSP.exe
      3) Play.

      Happy gaming!

    • Hi Epion660

      Here’s the update please check:

      File Size: 1021.5 MB
      Kerbal Space Program (Windows)

      – Disable antivirus and add folder location to exceptions, worried about the torrent then check it yourself with Virustotal.
      – Unzip the .ZIP file to your desired location and play.

      Hope this works for you… Happy gaming!

    • Hello James,

      The latest we can find is the update in the comments section “Kerbal Space Program”

    • Hello The Hacker,
      What download link did you use?

      We are posting updates on the comments section where the latest is Kerbal Space Program (Windows)…

      Please read comments for installation and updates… hope this helps…

    • Hi epion660,

      We do not get the files we just get the download link form the best uploaders then we test to make sure it is working and clean…

  1. Anyway guys, we have updated the download link to Kerbal Space Program V1.0 Please check:

    Burn or mount the .iso
    Run setup.exe and install

    General Notes:

    Block the game\’s exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
    trying to go online
    If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary
    to run this game with admin privileges instead

    • We have updated download link with Kerbal Space Program Away with Words (v1.3) please check.

      Here’s the installation guide:

      Mount ISO
      Install the game
      Copy /crack from the PLAZA folder
      If you like it support the developers, buy it.

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