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Itazura Gokuaku (いたずら極悪 “Heinous Pranks”) is a 3D eroge adult video game developed and published by REAL. The game was released on May 29, 2009 in Japan for Microsoft Windows sequel to REAL’s Itazura Real. Itazura Gokuaku has more advanced graphics than the first part of the sequel.

Itazura Gokuaku Game Screenshot

Itazura Gokuaku Screenshot

Itazura Gokuaku System Requirements

  • Pentium4 2.0GHz / 1.0Gb RAM / 3Gb HDD free space / Videocard 128Mb
  • Publication Type: license
  • Language: Japanese / English
  • Censorship: None (uncensor attached)
  • Subtitles: No
  • File size: 2.6Gb

Itazura Gokuaku Direct Download Link

file size: 2.55 GiB
Itazura Gokuaku Free Download

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  1. Hey!
    Can I please have the installation guide please??
    I’m really confused right now. When I tried to install, weird symbols come up like: $%?!%! or ??$&.
    What should I do??


    • Hello Joggerx35,

      Installation: Extract RAR, mount the image, install game and play.

      More INFO

      Playing on the theme of “harassment” of girls in public transport. Continued Itazura Real, but with more advanced graphics.
      + You can quickly scroll unnecessary Japanese text.
      + Large selection of item
      + 5 girls

      – 100% save (place in %appdata%>roaming>REAL>Gokuaku)

      – Patch All-in-one on Hongfire which includes:
      Itazura Gokuaku English Interface 1.0 from psymon2
      Itazura Gokuaku Mini 0.8 Translation (English menu, including advanced text display) from ScumSuckingPig (& Inquisitor)
      English launcher 1.10A from TheShadow
      Uncensor 3D v1.4 (with additional pubic hair) by profundis
      Itazura Gokuaku Trainer 09.01 from pukiman
      Itazura Gokuaku official 1.10 patch (includes 5 new locations, the clothes and things, animal ears, auto-h) of the REAL, profundis

      Hope this helps…

  2. When I open GOKUAKU.exe it restarts my computer (i’m running windows 8) , an install guide or a fix would help. thank you

    • Bit late on this train here but, I was wondering how you managed to fix this problem. I’m using windows 10, which migh be the reason why none of it works

  3. Never mind I got it to work but I do have one more problem the text is all messed up like if I click talk it reads 0α—–yÜ

    • Hello Armin,

      Have you installed the English patch included in the image file? try to open the image file and find the included patches… (if i remember it right)

      Hope this helps… happy gaming!

  4. Hi !

    I have a problem.. I installed the game and patch correctly, but when I want to play, the texts are still un japenese, even if I choose the English launcher..

    • Hello SuperNuts and welcome,
      Have you read the link that we have posted for Armin? the link will provide you detailed info to make the game work… please read carfuly…

      Hope this helps…

  5. Thanks for the answer Admin.

    Yes, I read the link and I followed all the steps correctly. The game work and lunch, but weirdly, the texts are still in japenese or in strange caracters..

    • Hi SuperNuts,
      Sorry about the problem and late response… gone away for days…

      The game dosent have full translation yet please refer for this page for more info

      Hope this helps…

    • Hi KivzKaixz,
      We are using WinRAR to extract RAR files if you also do, all you need to do is right click Itazura Gokuaku.part1.rar and click extract here then a iso file will showup… now mount it using mounting software like poweriso and install…

      thats all… hope this helps… we have provided info in the comments if you haven’t read them please do…

  6. Hello. I’m running windows 10. I have all the translations and everything in English. (This included the story and ALL girls) The menu’s and such are fine but the speech and monologue are all gibberish. (AKA: @….DDD…M@) Opening the txt files in internet explorer works fine, but notepad just gives me gibberish (as in game) Any way to fix this issue without having to completely destroy my OS and reverting to windows 7? (it worked fine there, and compatibility mode does nothing to fix this issue)

    • Sorry to here that… If you tried compatibility mode to windows 7 and it doesn’t do anything make sure you followed the installation guide. We only tested this with win7 before so we are not sure if it works on win10

  7. Hello everyone !

    Ok, I tried pretty much everything, but the simple thing as to make it to launch doesn’t work.

    I’m on Windows 7 64b
    Graphic card : AMD Radeon R9200 Saphire
    12Gb RAM.

    Ok so, I downloaded the files (actually I tried with 2 different sources to be sure).
    Unpack/Mount/Install no problem.
    Install Applocale, select the launcher : Failed. In windowed mode as well as in fullscreen. Basically, the window is launching but then a simple “The program has stopped….” appears.

    I tried installing other DirectX, I tried with different options in the launcher, I also tried with the compatibility mode (98, XP, etc) nothing at all. My graphic drivers are up to date.
    The furthest that I’ve been was in compatibility mode windows 98, the screen was pitch black but I heard a anime girl talking.

    With the Patch 1.0 end english traduction, exactly the same appears.

    Please help, I just do not know what to do anymore

    Thanks a lot !

  8. There are two versions of this game: 1.x and 2.x
    2.x is like an expansion of the base game. It adds more H-scenes and takes a few features away like certain clothes and one changing scene that I know of.

    To get 2.1 which has full story translation and I have tested this on Windows 10.
    Link to both patches: these steps:

    1. Change system and format to japanese
    2. In languages in Windows(Control panel) add Japanese to it and download it. This acts like an in-built app locale.
    3. Get the base game, which will be version 1.0
    4. Two options now, either use ‘HF English Patch’ or ‘HF English Patch 2’ depending on the version you have, either 1.0 or 2.0. Hence, if you want to get 2.0 translated, you’ll need to upgrade 1.0 to 2.0 using the official 2.0 patch from REAL. We’ll get to that later. To install the base game, click on ‘IHSetup.exe’ and click on the 2nd button (first one grayed out). Choose an install directory other than the default to avoid problems during patching.

    IMPORTANT: Run the base game first, since it configures files according to your system. After EVERY UPDATE, after EVERY PATCH. ALWAYS run the game first, to avoid any problems like ‘can’t determine version etc…’ error messages from showing up.

    5. Now if you want run the ‘HF English Patch’ that translates UI and updates 1.0 to 1.1. Then run the english launcher to play the game.
    6. If you want 2.0 then you’ll need to get the official 2.0 update from REAL.

    Link of 2.0 OFFICIAL update Patch [REAL]:

    That should have an .exe and 4 .bin files. Just run the .exe and you are done. MAKE SURE YOU RUN THE GAME BEFORE PUTTING IN THE ‘HF ENGLISH PATCH 2’.

    7. Run the ‘HF English Patch 2’, as ‘regular’ NOT ‘app-local’. Upgrades 2.0 to 2.1
    8. The game WILL CRASH after some point in the story, if you do not follow these last steps.
    IMPORTANT: Right-click on english launcher. For compatibility set as ‘admin’ and for ‘windows vista service pack 3’. Make sure you click the button for ‘change settings for all users’. Then in security, click ‘Edit permissions’. For all groups or user names, give them full control.

    Everything should work now :)

  9. Also, to add to the above post. I found out that the latest english patch, which died long ago (pre-2012) isn’t updated anymore. Gokuaku only got fully translated only by 2014. My mistake. So there are 5 girls in the game.


    The english patch only contains the routes: Common, Amatsuki Kaede and Miyamoto Hinata. Now, to make it easy for you, I wanted to upload the patched ‘data.fpk’ file you’ll need, but I can’t guarantee the availability of that file or whether the link would go down. So, if you want the rest you have to do it manually. It’s pretty easy once you know how. Should only take you 2-3 mins. I’ll like the tools you’ll need as well as the translated routes for Kunieda Tomo and another one containing Kurihara Hikaru’s & Onodera Yuzu’s routes together. We’ll be using page 19 of this thread. You’ll be using ‘CTR + F’ to get what you need from it.

    Thread Link:

    1. Download the ‘GokuakuExtract’ tool on that page. It’s on the first pinned post, right at the top. This tool accepts ‘.FPK’ files. These files hold a majority of the games text in an encrypted format.
    2. Download the ‘Tomo’ Route files by ‘loctar87’. Download according to your version.
    3. Download the ‘Hikaru’ and ‘Yuzu’ Route files. It’s right at the very bottom of the thread.
    4. We’ll be dragging the game’s ‘data.fpk’ file onto the ‘GokuakuExtract’-er. It can be found in the game’s ‘data’ folder.
    5. It will then create a folder with either ‘v1’ or ‘v2’ in its name; depending on which version of the game you have. That folder will contain numerous ‘.txt’ files. We’ll be replacing some of these with our updated english translated .txt files. Go ahead and do so.
    6.Once that is done, we drag that whole folder once again onto the ‘GokuakuExtract’-er and it will then magically convert it back again into a ‘data.fpk’ file. If you still have the old ‘data.fpk’ file in your directory that gets auto-renamed into ‘data.fpk.old’. So, you won’t mistake the new one we create with your old file.
    7. Now finally replace the newly created ‘data.fpk’ with the old file in the game’s data folder.
    8. You are done. Enjoy.

    IMPORTANT: Also, I’ve found that when you run this program in ANY compatibility mode (I run it on vista SP3 to prevent crashing mid-game), MAKE SURE IT IS IN WINDOWED MODE ONLY. If you opt for full screen, a problem occurs during certain times when the game tries to auto-saves (disabling auto-save won’t completely disable the feature). An error message usually pops up telling you an that game can’t auto save. The game also completely freezes unless you acknowledge that message. During full screen for some reason that message box is hidden by the main screen and there is no way of exiting out of full screen to get to that message. In fact it will lock your system so bad that you’ll be forced to hard reset it. I believe it’s caused by this program running in compatibility mode, coupled by a few bugs in the HF patch. Since, I don’t have this problem in base vanilla version of the game.


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