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Grand Theft Auto V (Updated) Free Full Game Download

Grand Theft Auto V (normally called GTA V) is an open world action-adventure video game published by Rockstar Games and developed by the Rockstar North development in the United Kingdom. The game will be the first major title of Grand Theft Auto series since Grand Theft Auto IV (2008), which began its fourth “season” in the series. The fifteenth game of the series overall, GTA V is set in fictional Los Santos in the state of San Andreas and its environs, based on modern Los Angeles and Southern California. The performance of the Los Santos had previously described as one of the three cities of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in 2004, the third season of the series. A highly anticipated game, Grand Theft Auto V, was officially announced on October 25, 2011. The game was released for Microsoft Windows on 14 April 2015.

About This Game:

When a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a terrifying psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening and deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the U.S. government and the entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists to survive in a ruthless city in which they can trust nobody, least of all each other.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC offers players the option to explore the award-winning world of Los Santos and Blaine County in resolutions of up to 4k and beyond, as well as the chance to experience the game running at 60 frames per second.

The game offers players a huge range of PC-specific customization options, including over 25 separate configurable settings for texture quality, shaders, tessellation, anti-aliasing and more, as well as support and extensive customization for mouse and keyboard controls. Additional options include a population density slider to control car and pedestrian traffic, as well as dual and triple monitor support, 3D compatibility, and plug-and-play controller support.

More info at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/271590/

Grand Theft Auto V Game ScreenShots

Grand Theft Auto V ScreenShot 1

Grand Theft Auto V ScreenShot 2

Grand Theft Auto V ScreenShot 3

Grand Theft Auto V System Requirements


  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+
  • Memory: 2 Gb
  • Hard Drive: 32 Gb free
  • Video Memory: 512 Mb
  • Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3870
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 10
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive


  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2.8 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.6 GHz
  • Memory: 6 Gb
  • Hard Drive: 32 Gb free
  • Video Memory: 1 Gb
  • Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 480 / ATI Radeon HD 6970
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 11
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive

Installation: (As we have encountered a lot of users having problems lately we have updated the download link with the better one)

Base Game:

  1. Burn or mount the image
  2. Install the game.
  3. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to your game install directory
  4. Play the game. We recommend using a firewall as usual
  5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT


  1. Download
  2. Run setup.exe
  3. Play
  4. If you like the game buy it to support the developers

Grand Theft Auto V Download Link

file size: 61.8 GB
Grand Theft Auto V (1.0.1868 / 1.50 / dlc)

161 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V (Updated) Free Full Game Download”

    1. Hi Tiffany, the was released already for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles on 17 September 2013 but not yet on PC so we still need to wait… Hopefully it will be release soon…

    1. @ry, hi and welcome!

      Sorry we do not have enough details yet about the game but do not worry, once it becomes available you will surely get it here! hope that you have liked our fanpage for announcement… happy gaming!

    1. Hi ethan,
      We do not know when the game will be available for free download… we have search and still it is not available… sorry…

  1. It is impossible to figure out when it is going to released because Rockstar pushed back the release date for PC (which was supposed to be in November). So until they actually come out with a PC game, there is nothing these admins can do to hurry up the process.

    1. Hello Dethlok77,

      We will put it once we found a cracked version… but if you want we can put the uncracked version and you will for the crack… (the same)

      We are monitoring for this game so please wait…

    1. Hi Dethlok77 and to all asking,

      We will put this up once the cracked version is already available so please bare with us as we are monitoring this game…

    1. Hello everybody,

      We have now found a download link and updated the post… please check and hope that this works for you guyz (make sure you meet the system requirements to make the game work)..

      Just install and play

      :::RIP Features:::
      * It is based on a licensed version of the game.
      * Do not cut / no recoded.
      * Update 1 Included V1 Crack with all DLC.
      * Windows 7 recommended, windows 8 and on-wards try yourself.
      * Installation time depends on your PC hardware and Speed.
      * Language can be change from 3DM.ini or Registry / Settings.
      * Repack by SINKER.

  2. this repack does it removes any scene of the main game ? what is the different’s of this and the main 60gb gta v ,,, i saw the rip features i dont understand it, talk to me english :D

    1. Hello Owen and welcome,

      The download (Repack) has all the scene as the normal game. As we have included the rip features they did cut or record any so it is the complete game and compressed without the languages etc. hope this helps…

    1. Hi corben,

      The installation is really long depends on your system… some reported they waited for 6-8 hours of installing the game… for us it took longer…

      hope this helps if this didn’t work for you let us know…

  3. I just finished the install and when i try opening the game it says something about social club and I can’t read it because it is in russian.

    1. Hi asdf,

      Language can be change from 3DM.ini or Registry / Settings.

      Open regedit. Navigate to “HKEY LOCAL MACHINE – Software – Wow6432Node – Rockstar games – Grand Theft Auto V” and edit “Language” string to “en-US”.

      Hope this helps…

  4. Ok so I was able to change the language to english but there is still a social club error. It says “Social club failed to load due to an incomplete installation.” Should I reinstall the whole game, click the rockstar page link on the error and follow those instructons, or can you guys find a link for the fix.

    1. Hello asdf,

      Here’s the update and instructions to make the game work…

      Grand Theft Auto V Update 2 and Crack Size: 436.17 MiB

      1. Download Update 2. Copy files from update folder to your game folder and overwrite all. Copy files from crack folder and overwrite all.
      2. Install Rockstar Club
      3. Exclude 3dmgame.dll file from antvirus and windows defender.
      4. Turn AS and defender on again.
      5. Play and enjoy.
      6. Support the Developers if you like the game.

      Hope this works for you… happy gaming!

    1. Hi asdf,
      Are you using the launcher.exe when playing the game? If not, please try to start the game over there… hope this helps…

  5. I’ve done everything, installed the update and everything, it’s all placed correctly. the problem is when I run the program it tells me to run PlayGTAV.exe, so I do, And then it tells me that the game executable could not be found, please reinstall the game. Please Help Lol

  6. Guys,

    We found Update 3 here is it:
    Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 and Crack V3 (Size: 436.54 MB)

    How to use:

    1. Unzip
    2. Install RGSC from Installers Folder
    3, copy the upgrade patch Update folder to the game directory covering
    4, copy the folder Crack crack patch to the game directory covering
    5, (optional step) Update runs once copied from one folder to the registry key to the game directory after recovery tool
    6, (recommended steps) to prohibit access to the network firewall settings GTA5.exe / or brute pull cable
    7, Use launcher.exe provided by 3DM to play, NOT playgtav.exe or any other exe


    Previous Update is not needed for this.
    This should fix some problems the users were having with the game, although not 100% fixed yet.

    Hope this works for you guys!!! Happy gaming!

    1. Hi Armin,

      Sorry about that, There is a bitcoin miner in the first version (the link you have downloaded). HeroMaster admitted it and reuploaded the torrent without it. We posted the wrong link and do not know if it’s this version of the torrent or not, but look:

      Message from HeroMaster,

      We Apologize for our Previous torrent, we come to know our mistake that there were bit-coin miners in our Previous Sinker torrent, that shock us more and was very disappointing for our fans that we led them down, apart from this many users were also complaining about the installation time which took more than the release download itself, we also apologized for that too, as our last torrent we always wanted our fans to be happy and play the game like they wanted, so we thought of making our fans happy again and in return we give you repack by XaTaB, Original one, tested one, working one without any errors, we sure are not happy to leave but this is how it will end, we would our fans to download this, play and give feedback, updated with latest patches and crack, so we would be remembered and missed, thankyou for your appreciation and for your talks, We love you all :)

      Now this is how to remove the problem:
      You can check if you have it by going to task manager and look for a process called mdm.exe. If you find it, right click on it and go to properties. It’ll be in %appdata%/roaming/(your antivirus) or something similar, so go to that folder and delete it. It won’t have any effect on the game.

      Anyway we have updated the link for now and sorry about the wrong link we have posted…

      Hope this helps…

  7. Hi admin I have this problem with some missions/heistes when the game automaticly changes from character the game sometimes freezes in one heist I could skip the part but now its just impossible the go on with the mission without freezing (I tried 3 times) . can you help plz.

    1. Hi Pepijn,
      Have you run the game as administrator?

      Did you Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 and Crack V3 already? if not update the game… hope this helps…

  8. Guys,
    We will need to wait for more updates as crashes are still issue on the game… Hopefully the working update and crack will go out soon…

  9. Hi Admin I fixed the crash…
    Guys if you have a crash issue try this:
    Play the mission/heist till a little bit before the cutscene (Place where it crashes) And go out of the game (dont quit the game)(ALT+TAB) look on the bottem right of your screen check if you internet still works if it doesn’t click on solve problem and wait till you have internet again then go back to gta V and play futher with the mission and it will may not crash this time. (For me it worked).

    1. Hi kendall and welcome,
      We havent tested this in online mode so we do not have any idea if it can work sorry…

  10. I´m running windows 8.1 and gta keeps getting social club error code 15, is there a way to resolve this or completely remove all online features

  11. So this is the second time downloading and installing this game from you guys, I’ve been using this site forever because you guys do Amazing wonders so thank you. But again, I downloaded the new link, it installed fine, a lot faster as well, but again I downloaded the update and copied n pasted all the files and what not and used the 3d launcher but it still says theres no launcher and to use playgtav.exe I honestly have no clue whats going on at this point

    1. Hi brandon,
      Thank you for using our site happy that we have you here…

      Make sure you launch the game from the 3dm launcher not the other launchers…

      Hope this helps…

    1. Hello lockdown and welcome,

      DId you Use launcher.exe provided by 3DM to play? if you havent please back read the comments and make sure you read the installation guide before installing and playing the game…

    1. The most common cause for these errors is an incorrect installation of Social Club. If you are receiving one of these errors, we recommend uninstalling Social Club and then reinstalling it manually. (Social Club v1.1.5.6 Setup.exe)

      It is also recommended to run the game as administrator (right click Social Club, choose “Run as Administrator”) and checking that the Social Club is installed in the right place—Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club.

      Hope this helps…

  12. is this game in english? cause the install was all in russian…
    i hope it’s english cause i’m not really wanting to redownload

    1. Hello Matt and welcome,
      Yes, the game is in english… please make sure your read the comments for installation guide…

  13. I speak English so I don’t understand how to install it because it is in another language so can you please leave an explanation video or something for this? Otherwise, thanks for all the other free games. I really enjoyed them.

    1. Hi Andrew Gonzalez,

      The installation is in Russian but the game is in English… you can just install it just like normal software by just clicking Next (but in russian). We do not have any video’s so sorry…

      Hope this helps…

  14. Thank you for your reply admin. But I downloaded the game and the language is in a language that is unknown to me possibly Chinese. I don’t play this game on XBOX or PlayStation so would you mind sending me a set of instructions on changing the language, please. Overall thanks anyways for providing this game.

    1. Hi Andrew Gonzalez,
      You are always welcome, we have answered your question in the comment section have you read it?

      Anyway here’s how:
      Language can be change from 3DM.ini or Registry / Settings.

      Open regedit. Navigate to “HKEY LOCAL MACHINE – Software – Wow6432Node – Rockstar games – Grand Theft Auto V” and edit “Language” string to “en-US”.

      Hope this helps…

  15. Hi admin

    I successfully installed the game and the update, but although I changed the language through the register the program still opens in Russian. Please help

    1. Hello Seb and welcome,
      Here’s the detailed instruction on how to change the language:

      1.) Open start menu type in “regedit” in the search bar and run it.
      3.) Open SOFTWARE
      4.) Open Wow6432Node
      5.) Open Rockstar Games
      6.) Select Grand Theft Auto V
      7.) At the right side double click “Language” and set it to en-US

      Hope this helps…

  16. I have this installed works great but my issue is I can’t install any mods for it. Is there an updated version or does someone know how to get mods working with this version?

  17. hi

    i haven’t installed any thing at all and from the comments i can see one of the downloads are not good so am wondering which i should install and how

    1. Hi Gaby,
      We have updated the download link and it is not a problem anymore… Just download the links (the main game and the update). hope this helps…

  18. Hey i have a problem that i cant download the V3 update and crack because when i click on it it just takes me to a blank page with the url in the url bar and it doesnt download and when i drag the link to my desktop (i have the first problem with any torrnt) it just takes me to this page please fix

  19. I had an issue when launching the game with the 3dm launcher. It would tell me to play using the playgtav.exe which would then bring to the social club menu requiring activation. It turns out that my antivirus was blocking the 3dmgame.dll file. After making an allowance for this file it launched fine using the 3dm launcher. Then because of an update to social club is started requiring activation again. A simple fix for this was to role my computer’s calender back to the first week of april 2015. Runs fine, thanks.

    1. Hello David and welcome,
      We have search for the repack version but unfortunately the best download link we can give is the one above…

    1. Hi David,
      The repack version we found (the only repack) has problems (takes long to install like 9-12 hours) and lot of things you will need to do to make it work. the above download is the best and easiest we can provide… sorry about the size…

    1. Hello SyazKivzKaixz and welcome,
      So sorry, we didnt test this online as most of the pir/ated games dont work online unless you buy the game…

    1. Hi PurpleAppleKing,
      We have search for new updates but unfortunately found no available download link the latest we can find is all we posted in the comments… sorry…

  20. hi i updated the game to v5 and crack v4 when i launch it after the rockstar blue and yellow logo it gives black screen and say gta v has stopped working but it worked like twice then always stop working error

  21. I have gotten quite far into the story but right after the armored car heist changing from Franklin to Micheal it just shuts off every time. I don’t get it.

  22. maybe this will help IDK

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BEX64
    Application Name: GTA5.exe
    Application Version: 1.0.331.1
    Application Timestamp: 552e6ef2
    Fault Module Name: StackHash_9959
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Offset: 000000027fe22d86
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Data: 0000000000000008
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 9959
    Additional Information 2: 9959d9ca12212e3eace2b931b34ba9b7
    Additional Information 3: 3f69
    Additional Information 4: 3f6995ce1a17c0f914b97639e54b1311

    1. Hello MegaManWithHam,
      We have search for working update but not available… so sorry we didnt test online play… Most of the crack game dont work online so sorry…

  23. Having a small issue downloading the update file, the torrent isn’t responding, it keeps saying connecting to peers and it’s not progressing, wondering if I should go with an older crack update or not

  24. Grand Theft Auto V Update 5 + Retail to Steam + Crack RELOADED Size: 655.75 MiB

    Release group: RELOADED
    Type of program: Patch + Steam + Crack
    Game Version: 1.0.350.2
    The required version of the game: Any


    Remove all traces of the pills P2P (P2P.dll, P2P.ini, Launcher.exe) !!!

    ::How to transfer save::

    Conservation of P2P work well with the tablet RELOADED. Only on RLD-tabla still need to get the first save, otherwise it will not create a folder in C: ProgramData Socialclub RLD!

    In this folder path: C: ProgramData Socialclub RLD! 271590 – throw your saves from P2P of my documents .

    ::CHANGE LOG::

    Improved stability and fixed several crashes and hangs while transitioning between Jobs in GTA Online.

    Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to exit their garages while inside of a personal vehicle.

    Fixed an issue where the game could freeze if you were robbing a store while someone else was attempting to buy snacks there.

    A rare issue has been fixed where some players received a “Purchase Failed” error when attempting to buy apartments.

    Fixed an issue where players would be asked to quit the game while using text chat in Golf and pressing the “E” key.

    GTA Online characters can now be added to your shortlist in the Rockstar Editor.
    Fixed several clipping issues that occurred when taking Snapmatic selfies.

    One-on-One Vehicle Deathmatches in Free Roam will now properly spawn all participants in vehicles.

    Fixed a Steam-only issue where you could not alt-tab back into GTAV if you alt-tabbed out while the Steam overlay was active.

    Various fixes to bring improved patch download speeds.

    Improvements to matchmaking so players that have good connections to each other are matched together more frequently.

    Fixed a Steam-only issue where players could not use Mexican Spanish as a subtitle language.

    General stability fixes for director mode and video editor.

    Various crash fixes.

    Installation Steps :

    1) Copy the folder Update in the game Main directory.[Ask for replace do it]

    2) Copy the contents of the folder GTAV Retail to Steam Version.[Replace it]

    3) Copy the contents of the folder Crack.RLD in the Main game directory.[some files replaced]

    4) Install Social Club v1.1.5.8 (Latest Version)

    5) Block firewall and turn off the Internet.

    6) Starting the game with a file GTAVLauncher.exe


  25. I downloaded the game, got further in step than before, but now I need an activation code to play the game, don’t suppose anyone can provide one?

    1. Hi Willy.
      Please make sure you copy the crack on your game installation folder… Have you read the comments for installation coz you do not need activation code for this…

  26. Hey, I get the GTA5 has stopped working error, and i followed the instructions for the update 5 and crack. I had a newer version of the social club though, so it didn’t let me install the one in the link. It is also all in Russian, what, can I do? Thanks

    1. Hi Will,
      Have you tried running the game as administrator?

      We have posted some comments on how to change the language please read them…

      Hope this helps…

  27. Hi…
    Thank you for put this game for us ^^
    I spend a long time to download this game and i will be so sad if I can’t use it…so I came to ask for your amazing help..while I installing the game the error showing is ISDone.dll ..what should I do??

  28. Hey when I open launcher.exe an error comes up saying “Please run Grand Theft Auto V using PlayGTAV.exe.” but it makes me put an activation code. (Using update pack 5)

    1. Hello Jacky and welcome,
      Have copied the crack to your game installation dir?

      Please make sure you follow the steps provided in the comments…

    1. Hi Jacky,

      Please make sure you meet the system requirements of the game to make sure it will work on your system…

      You can go here for more info about the problem: https://goo.gl/JlQvBh

      Or download and try this update:

      Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.v1.33 Size: 4.41 GB

      2. Install the update to where the game is installed.
      Tested on: Grand.Theft.Auto.V-RELOADED
      3. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory.
      4. Play the game.
      5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

      Note: Social Club no longer needs to be installed. The Social Club emulator
      included in the crack will only work with the untouched crack exes, though.
      So make your patches in memory if you want to use our emulator!

      Hope this helps…

    1. Hi WhatzEver,
      We have tested the v5 crack still downloading the update 3 is down… have you tried just using the v5 crack?

  29. Hi admin

    Thanks for putting up this game but I have some concerns. I’ve installed the game and update with crack and followed all steps but when I try to launch the game using GTAVLauncher it does nothing. Is there something I missed?

    1. Hi Nick B.

      Did you see the post with Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.v1.33 ? That update is the latest we can find it work for you hope this helps…

    2. I’ve done the update and everything followed all steps then steam pops up and tells me to buy the game

    3. Hi Nick B.,

      Have you tried just installing the base game first and make it work?

      Then follow the steps on the updates?
      – Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 and Crack V3
      – Grand Theft Auto V Update 5 + Retail to Steam + Crack RELOADED

  30. Even though the installation has be posted I’m still confused on how to do it. And which links should I click for the latest update?

    1. Sorry I meant do I have to install all the update links? or is there jsut one I have to do? I am installing gta 5 right now so if someone could help me that would be great.

    2. Hello Sky and welcome,
      You will need to install the base game (Grand Theft Auto V Free Download) plus the updates (Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 and Crack V3 and Grand Theft Auto V Update 5 + Retail to Steam + Crack RELOADED)

      Hope this helps…

  31. I’ve got everything running, downloaded the update v5, it loads up, but it doesnt load past the main loading screen when the game starts. Help Please.

    1. Do you have Social Club as the installation guide… Please follow installation carefully to avoid errors…

  32. I know how to download and install the base game but how do I download the other 2 links? Please answer in detail so I don’t skip over any step.

    1. Hi Nick B., Not sure as we have tested this with the update 3 but you can try…

      Edited: As we have research for this it is not really needed you can just use the Grand Theft Auto V Update 5 + Retail to Steam + Crack RELOADED

    1. For installation, run setup, install and update direct, install social club and start the game for language change:

      1.) Open start menu type in “regedit” in the search bar and run it.
      3.) Open SOFTWARE
      4.) Open Wow6432Node
      5.) Open Rockstar Games
      6.) Select Grand Theft Auto V
      7.) At the right side double click “Language” and set it to en-US

    1. Just download the base and use try to use this update

      Grand Theft Auto V Update v1.33-RELOADED Size: 4.41 GB

      – Install the update to where the game is installed.

      – Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory.

      – Play the game.

      – Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

      Hope this helps…

    2. We are so sorry about that PurpleAppleKing we forgot to change the old download link size…

      really sorry…

  33. [Update 5] When I launch it with GTAVLauncher it starts to load story mode than changes to a screen with “Activation required” in yellow text and under it, it says something about it needing activation and can’t in offline mode, and I did copy the crack over.

    1. Have you followed:
      1) Copy the folder Update in the game Main directory.[Ask for replace do it]

      2) Copy the contents of the folder GTAV Retail to Steam Version.[Replace it]

      3) Copy the contents of the folder Crack.RLD in the Main game directory.[some files replaced]

      4) Install Social Club v1.1.5.8 (Latest Version)

      5) Block firewall and turn off the Internet.

      6) Starting the game with a file GTAVLauncher.exe


      Note: We have updated the download links as there are lots of users having problems with the old download links… If that didn’t work for you, you can try the update “Grand Theft Auto V Update v1.33” and if still not working you can use the base game from reloaded Updated in the download link section… So sorry for the trouble…

  34. I am having a problem. I finally got to get the game to run. But after installing the update V1.33 I and getting this lag every few seconds. Like its a slideshow. I tried to play the game without the update and the game ran smoothly. So I don’t know what is causing this or how to fix it.

    1. Hi Sky,

      Not sure what problem you are facing, we have tested the base game and the update 1.33 and it works very well on our system. If that the case (you can play with no update) then please do not use the update it might not compatible with your system not sure though?

    2. So I tried the game without the update. And the same thing happened. It never happened before though the game worked fine. So I’m not sure My computer fits the game’s specs so I don’t know. The lag makes the game unplayable. Sometimes the menu lags too.

    3. Hi Sky sorry to here that… please make sure you are using a system that meets the requirements maybe that is the problem that is why it lags on your side…

    4. Well let me show my pc specs incase it is. But the game ran fine before on the high settings before this so I don’t know.

      OS:Windows 10 64-bit
      CPU:Intel core i5-3570k @ 3.80 GHz
      GPU:AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
      RAM:8.00 GB

  35. So i want to download this but i am confused, i will need a guide of everything i need to download that is required and what i have to do.

    1. Hello Josh and welcome,

      We have posted all the things you need to know in the post please read… you will just need the base game and the update v1.33 to play the game

  36. hey,game is donwloaded andf everythings,but when i start playing,it wont stop firing as if im clicking the fire button,wich i am not.when i click the fire button,it stops,but as soon as i let got,it starts shooting again.because of this,i cant even play.pls help.

  37. After the base game install? what to do next? which should i install? Sorry so confused too many instruction on comment, can u link here after i install the base game

    1. The latest update is Grand Theft Auto V Update v1.33-RELOADED you can find it above… hope this helps…

  38. Im gonna install the base game on the top of the comment section (link) and then the version 1.33 by reloaded. Is that right?

  39. How can I revert the updated?
    After I install the update, I can’t launch GTA V anymore… It crash everytime I’ve done my LOADING in the LOADING SCREEN….

  40. hi you genius people at admin
    im having the same issues as above with not getting passed the loading screen. the suggested fix is to re install the social club thing, but the link you provided isnt working.please help
    thank you

    1. You do not need social club anymore if you use the other updates on the comments… please read the full comments for download links and updates…

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