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Final Fantasy VIII (ファイナルファンタジーVIII Fainaru Fantajī Eito?) is a role-playing video game released for the PlayStation in 1999 and Windows-based personal computers in 2000. It was developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) as the Final Fantasy series’ eighth title, removing magic point-based spell-casting and the first title to consistently use realistically proportioned characters.

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Final Fantasy VIII Story:

You are Squall Leonhart, a “lone-wolf” and an outcast. He joins SeeD, an elite mercenary unit, and in order to graduate must help settle the war between the countries of Galbadia and Dollet. After completing the SeeD test, he then goes on his first mission – helping a young woman named Rinoa Heartilly to defeat an evil President. But Squall soon realizes that there is a much bigger, and sinister, evil behind all this. Will he be able to stop it?

Final Fantasy VIII Game ScreenShots

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Final Fantasy VIII System Requirements


  • System: PII 266 or equivalent
  • RAM:64 MB RAM
  • Video Memory: 4 MB VRAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 400 MB
  • Sound Board: Yes
  • DirectX: DirectX v6.1


  • System: PIII 3000MHz or equivalent
  • RAM:128 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM: 16X CD-ROM
  • Video Memory: 8 or 16 MB VRAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 450 MB
  • Sound Board: Yes
  • DirectX: DirectX v7.1

Final Fantasy VIII Download Link

file size: 2.03 GiB
Final Fantasy VIII Free PC Game

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  1. NOTE:

    Before starting the game BE SURE to go to FF8Config (after installation) and select
    GRAPHICS>Software Renderer (NOT HARDWARE, as this will create boxxy pixels on the game.) You may also select Hi-res Fonts, makes the game look better.


    Mount with Daemon Tools/Poweriso or Burn directly to DVD.

    At the end of each disc, it will ask for the next disc. No problem, exit out of the game (ctrl+alt+del) then open the game again, starting from transitioning save.

  2. Works for me (on Win7).
    1. Mounted with Daemon tools Lite
    2. Installed the game.
    3. Installed SFX (which automatically put the files in the wrong folder, I cut and pasted them into the game folder manually)
    4. Replaced the installed files with the ones for GeForce (I have GeForce).
    5. Let Setup and exe files run as administrator and in compatibility mode with “Windows XP Service pack 3”
    6. Alter graphics setup as suggested by admin in comment.
    7. Put all disc files from the SFX install in a separate folder, only leave the Disc1 files in the game folder.
    8. Unmount the disc from Daemon tools and play!

    The part many people miss is probably step 3 and 7. The SFX install puts the files in the wrong folder by default! You have to change the folder yourself.
    I’m only on disc 1 but no problems so far.

    • Hello there,

      I have been trying this a couple of times, but still I get the message insert disk , and wrong disk. My main confusion is. Once installed I have 2 game files. Ones in Program files(x86) and the other Program files. I copied only the Disk 1, Disk 1 pak and Field I. But I am not sure if I have to leave all of them there, or only DisC, or is it both Disk?

      Also in which of them am I suppose to run the game? in the program files x86 or program files one? and which of them I have to paste the disks?

    • Although this been dead for a while, I find the answer. So I leave it here for the posterity.

      My main confusion was to have Program files, and Program files x86.
      There was no need to do all the step 3 or 7 for me. But the main fail was to activate the CRACK. So in order its installing the game, then the SFX, then the crack. And make sure in THe registry editor HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WOW6432Node/Square Soft, Inc/FINALFANTASYVIII/ 1.00

      THE DATA DRIVE Its the same as where the disks are.

  3. can you make the guide admin??
    i’ve followed the intruction from Alex and still when i want to play and choose NEW GAME,,the game stopped
    please help

    • Hi Natsume,
      The installation guide in the comments are the most detailed installation you need…

      Here’s what you can try:
      Run the game as administrator and in compatibility mode with “Windows XP Service pack 3″
      Disable your antivirus when installing…

      Make sure you followed alex and admin comments…

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