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Asterix: Mega Madness Free Full Game Download

Asterix Mega Madness

Asterix: Mega Madness (in Germany known as Asterix: Maximum Gaudium) is an action adventure video game developed by Unique Development Studios and published by Infogrames. Asterix Mega Madness is based on the French comic book series Asterix set in the Ancient Roman times. It is also a part of the Asterix video game series. The game was released on 30 May 2001 for Microsoft Windows and the Playstation.

Asterix: Mega Madness Game Trailer/ScreenShots

Asterix: Mega Madness System Requirements

Processor: Pentium 200MHz (or equivalent)
RAM: 32Mb
Video Card: 8Mb vRAM, Direct3D compatible (3D accelerated)
Sound Card: not required to play (but recommended)
CD: 8x
Peripherals: Keyboard and Mouse (Multiplayer mode requires a gamepad
or joystick with four buttons).
Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/2000 (NOTE: Windows 2000 requires that
you have ADMINISTRATOR user rights.)
Harddrive: 350Mb free space required to install



Asterix: Mega Madness Direct Download Link

file size: 161.61 MiB
Asterix: Mega Madness Free Download

12 thoughts on “Asterix: Mega Madness Free Full Game Download”

  1. yeah,i already extracted it…the problem is that when i try to start the game,a message appears saying “the procedure entry point [email protected] couldn’t be located in the dynamic link library blinkw32.dll”
    what should i do ?
    thanks again :)

    1. Hi BOBO,
      Can you please tell us what OS you are running on your system… If you are running Win7 We have a hard time making it play…

      Here’s what you can do:
      Install using setup.exe
      copy crack to your installation folder
      mount the Asterix.nrg before playing

      Hope this works for you…

  2. hi
    I extract tow rar files
    then appear ISO file about 6.4 GB
    mount ISO file by deamon tool
    and install game in new folder
    but dosent work I cant find crack file
    my os xp sp3

    1. Hi farrokh,
      Are you sure you downloaded this game? it has only 161.61 MiB and you do not have to extact it cause there are no rar files in the download just Asterix.nrg…

    1. We tested the download link and it still works (seeded) please check again and make sure your isp allows utorrent to download…

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