Homeworld (GOTY) Full Game Free Download

Homeworld (GOTY) Full Game Free Download

Homeworld is a 1999 real-time strategy video game published by Sierra Entertainment and developed by Relic Entertainment. Homeworld was the first fully three-dimensional real-time strategy (RTS) game released on September 28, 1999 for Microsoft Windows. The game was the start of a series, followed by Homeworld: Cataclysm (2000) and Homeworld 2 (2003).

Homeworld takes place within the context of environments that allow movement in all directions. Single-player campaign follows a group of people known as Hiigarans, who, having just recently revealed the means to construct spacefaring vessels established after a journey to rediscover the long-lost their homeworld, Hiigara.

Homeworld GamePlay/Trailer

Minimum System Requirements:

  • System:PII 233 or equivalent
  • RAM:32 MB
  • Video Memory:4 Mb
  • Hard Drive Space:150 MB

Recommended System Requirements:

  • System:PII 350 or equivalent
  • RAM:64 MB
  • Video Memory:12 Mb
  • Hard Drive Space:400 MB

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file size: 678.54 MiB
Homeworld Game of the Year Edition Download

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