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Hello PC Gamerz!!! In this page you can request the games you want to download.
We will be very happy to help you get the game download you want…
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Note: Please make sure your request are only PC (windows) Games not for other platforms. Thank you…


  1. Hey! Thanks for creating this great page i will love if you could upload Mass Effect 1,Thanks in advance btw bookmarked! :D

    • Hi phantomG7, thanks for using this page… so sorry, unfortunately the game is not yet available. If the game becomes available we promise to post it here….

    • Hello zeb thanks for visiting our site… we can’t find a rip version or the game but we have found a 3.5 GiB download and post it. If you want to download it you can go >>>here<<<

    • Macayla,
      Sorry the games you requested are not available you can search for those keywords in google and get it for free on their official sites…

  2. Thank you for putting this up for us gamerz i will use thuis often and this most have cost alot of money to do something like this >.< you guys are awsome more pepl should learn about this site agian thanks :D

    • Hello killer,
      We can only share PC games there is no Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 for pc, Sorry… Make sure that the version of the games you request are released on PC version… Thanks for using our site… Have a nice day!

    • Hi Z.a.X, we couldn’t find the game vertigo so sorry… if you have other games in mind that you want to get just let us know… thank you…

  3. Hi It’s Me Thanx For Trying If You Can Uplode Some Of Sims 3 Mini Expanision packs and again thanx for trying
    Specially It’s Magic If You Can

  4. hey if you can uplode plants vs zombies games
    and zoo tycoon games plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    i’ll be very happy please uplode

  5. how can i play castle crashers it’s have 2 files inside own is .bin and next is .cue please answere i want play the game
    sorry for my bad eng

    • @ZaX, about castle crushers You need to mount it on a virtual drive Ex. PowerISO and DemonTools. Try to find it on the Search… there are free…

  6. OK now you are the best if can uplode a graffiti game any graffiti game plz
    oh oh i forget all ANGRY BIRDS GAMES NOW I WANT THEM
    plz and i’ll say it again you are the best!!!

    • Zax, we couldnt find graffiti game please make sure you type the correct words.
      Angry birds will be posted soon please wait… subscribe for updates

    • Zax, Yes if you see an iso, cue, bin file you can use that some of the downloads here uses winrar… happy gaming your other request will be posted once we found it…

  7. i have all the sims 3 stuff packs but i sayed mini expansion packs
    maded by fans just like (it’s Magic) and if you can uplode it’s magic

  8. thanx very much for trying if you find a farm frenzy 3 games & ultimate spiderman
    and the sims 3 showtime
    thanx oh yeah if you find nfs nitro pc game version please

  9. thanx for castle crachers ver much i’ts work for now thanx
    oh yeah did you find any farm frenzy game???
    thanx for other games

  10. Request:

    Where can I have Slenderman- the8 pages, slenderman – the arrival, slenderman – 7th St prison, and amnesia – the machine for pig????

    Also, can this game has a lowest byte? Not full version, a little full version I mean, Can it?

    • @Hujikari,
      Your request Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs is not yet been released but your can use this page and we will update once the free game is available…

      Slender: The Eight Pages & Slender: The Arrival are free in their site. Slender: The Arrival has not yet been released… you can visit here for more details http://parsecproductions.com/slender/

  11. hey
    i hope you can do this request.
    i cant find new art academy for ds to download and i really want it maybe you can help me
    i really want this game
    p.s. i want pokemon white/black version 2 too \
    can you do those 2 ds games????
    its a ds game not a pc game i know it but i cant find it and download it
    tnx xxx

    • SweeetyPieGirl, sorry we only post pc games here… if you have pc games in mind that you want to download just let us know…

    • @killer, please make sure that your request are for PC if not we are sorry we couldnt find it… If you have PC games in mind just let us know…

  12. thanx for bang bang racing
    plz uplode need for speed world
    and if you can please uplode
    some new racing games
    just like bang bang racing
    plz if you can do this request

  13. hey i really want Arma2 (combined operations)
    with Dayz but i cant download the good one
    i want to play it online too can you get arma2(combined operations) and dayz on the site?

  14. @admin i have download need for speed run but its not working when i launch the game he told me that error its need a direct x 10 .1 and i have already install it but its not working again plz how i can play this game ?????????

  15. For The Walking Dead game how do iget past the telltale games account login usually you guys include something in the download but icant find anything this time please help.

  16. Hi guys i absolutely love your site! I was wondering if you could put these games up:
    1: Homefront
    2: Call of Duty 4
    3: The Movies
    Thanks Guys

  17. thanks guys for posting my requests! could you upload
    1: kudos rock legends
    2: cod 1
    3: brothers in arms road to hill 30

    thanks guys

  18. hey if you can do these requests
    1.need for speed most wanted 2012
    2.castle crashers 2 for pc if there any pc version
    3.switch ball
    if you do these requests i’ll bee happy very much thanx

  19. Hey ,
    I love your site,could you please upload another Sims 3 showtime-the current link don’t work and when the Sims 3 seasons will be upload?
    thank’s :)

  20. thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i’m very happy now
    but i’ll ask you know any site i can download from there i cant stop crying add on
    for castle crashers

    • We are sorry to here that sweetypiegirl… If there will be available download link we promise to post it here…

    • sweetypiegirl,


      1. Unpack the release
      2. Mount or burn image
      3. Install
      4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation
      5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as
      secure/trusted in your antivirus program
      6. Play the game
      7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy

      Use Launcher.exe, included with the cracked content, for setting the
      language of your choice.

      If you still having problem try to Right click .exe and Run as ADMIN
      Hope this helps….

  21. hey man i have download hit man Absolution but its not working when i click on the game Does not happen anything so pl what i doing to play this game …….. i hve windows 8 plz help me :( :(